Pics of 20 most beautiful roads in the world!!!


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@ siddhant= Thanks buddy!!...these are really very cool!!

i dont know location of all of them but the number 14 is the old road between La Paz and Coroico, in Bolivia..this road is also called "The world's most dangerous road"!! and the one with the red car is the road to Glacier Point in Yosemite.smiley17.gifvibhor2008-09-07 07:54:56
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Really amazing Buddy, Wish the Locations were also mentioned.

I guess there is one more road which will surely qualify for this, I dont remember the location, but it is the bridge which connects two mountain pics, the bridge at the highest altitude in the was the most beautiful bridge I have ever seen (only in pics though) if that road can be considered, inspite of it being on a bridge, then that would according to me, rate right at the top.


Great Job Bud.smiley32.gif
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