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Yesterday and today were very hectic for me. I was in Kolkata NSC Bose airport last evening since 3.30 pm, when my  flight to Nagpur was cancelled at 7.15 pm (dep 4.40pm). They booked me in a flight to Mumbai and I reached there by 11.30 pm. The flight to Nagpur for us was only at 7.10 am. It was no use going to a hotel as I would have dozed off and perhaps missed the morning Nagpur flight. So as I was with an old friend we decided to hire a taxi and move around in Mumbai (started at 12.45 am) to see the famous Lord Ganpati pandals. Another new flight friend too joined us. Saw many idols in the Parel, Matunga, Bandra, Lalbaug (very crowded even at 2.30 am),Byculla and many other areas. There were lots of crowds of mainly youngsters moving around. their enthusiasm is unending. The rains were intermittent and played spoilsport.

The worst part was that politicians have made this pious festival their stage for publicity. So rather than seeing Lord Ganesh idols, one sees many, many cut outs of numerous politicians all around everywhere outside the pandals.

A Lord Ganesh idol

Our flight friend Mr Kuldeep standing behind the Indica coolcab that we had engaged. The cab no.MH02 R 9995's  driver Mr Rakesh Singh proved to be a nice and trustworthy guy.

On the way home from CST airport-again drizzling at 7.10 am

anjan_c20072008-09-07 18:36:25

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Woke up to a strong cuppa coffee. Then bid my sis and brother in law good bye: they left for New Zealand. Then triple S and Kellogg's Museli and fruits and to healthy dose of 'Rajnimania': watched Kuselan on DVD: wasn't very good. Then came on to the forums; I keep checking my mailbox which has become real busy after joining ACI forums. Then ***** box again for the South Filmfare award functions. Then lunch Cucumber/ Carrot and 2 roti's with Kurma. Snooze. Tea: Went shopping to pick up clothes and a pair of shoes for my son: he's started college. Home for dinner, help daughter with her Tamil exams and forums and milk and hit the sack.

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Woke up early at 5.30...studied my subjects...had Milk, read newspaper and then checked my car whether the guy is washing it properly or not...then at 7 went to tuitions on my Karizma...came back on 9.30 had breakfast and then m logged in to ACi forum(now daily routine)....after this will have bath and back to studies...

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nice topic..

this is all about sunday- got up late, was going through the local newspaper and saw the news that theres a car rally on account of pune festival at a place close to my house. got ready in a hurry and straight headed to the chandani chowk area. watched few vehicles there. it was already late so took a chance to see all the vehicles at the asembly point. went to the police training centre on pashan road that was the venue to the event. feasted on lot of cars. clicked a lot of pictures. came home. uploaded around 43 pictures on autocar forum. had a late heavy lunch of "puran poli" on account of ganesh festival. rest of the day went by watching movies on the ***** box.

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This is what I did today..Got up late had a quick bath. Went speeding to coll on the Yama. Once I got to coll did nothing much. Went to sleep in two of my classessmiley36.gif. Came back home and rushed off to my part time job at the supermarket. After that finished that, I went to the shooting range to do my rifle shooting. Now home about to have dinner soon.

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Nice one Zal!

intresting topic speed dear!!

..so today i woke up at 6am.....then ate breakfast went to do some imp work (i saw few cool cars in my way near hotel Taj mainly merc,volvo,bmw,skoda etc) n came back to home at about 1pm..then i had my lunch .watched TV...n turned on my PC connected to the net clicked to ACi forums...posted few letters n now am typing this one!!smiley17.gif.....and clicking to "Post Reply"button!!smiley36.gif
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@Anjaan , nice pics., Om Namustate to Ganeshji, Kuldeep Singh seems lost in his wallet!

@DD, please tell more about Kelloggs Museli!

@BS, hardworking chap, what are you studying anyway?

@Vetech, Ya, the pics. you posted of event were fantastic, carry on!

@Zal. what are you studying & good that you are working partime! I too share your hobby of Shooting. We'll share more on this!

@Vibhor, thanks,  I just had a thought to know more about members & share

what we do & how we pass our time.

Well, today was hectic, we had a camp in morning in a village, then went to buy sports shoes for running in evenings, becoming health concious! Got Reebok Ultra KFS (kinetic fit system)  shoes & now on forum.

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thanks speed Yes Kuldeep seems lost. He speaks beautiful and chaste bengali being from Kolkata.

.....welcome anjan!!just saw your post..Great pics!oh so thats the reason why u were not comin in forum from few days!..

vibhor,thanks for the welcome. Missed many posts now scanning through. I was away for a full week to Kolkata.

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well today is monday so i had to get up at 6 and get ready really fast

then reached school

and i slep in one of the classes but the teacher didn't minus points-lucky to get away with that-

then i did a experiment in one the classes

and i spilled cold water on my pants

and it was freezing

then at 2:15 i came home

then i slept

next i woke up at 5:15

and i went to play cricket

then came back now

and i am online on the forum!!

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