What all did you do today?


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I was busy in the morning , after daily chores, I went to stone laying ceremony for our new farmhouse. When its ready, I could sit in the garden besides the pool with wine in one hand & laptop in other on which I would be updating posts on the forum. Wishful thinking ha..!

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well today is wednesday and it's my b'day so i am going to have a party here right now

but all i did today at school was  go there and study  and i fell asleep  in one of the classes...

then i was playing my phone at lunch time and it fell!!!

and now it has a big scratch...

and then i got my psp and upgraded it to original firmware(now i think that was a very stupid move)

so i can't play games on it...

so now on the forum since a hour or 2 already

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I got my car (Corolla) serviced today. It was a major 40kms service. Log:

Following things are replaced:

1. Engine oil - 4L - 860/-

2. Oil filter - 365/-

3. Engine coolant - 7L - 1100/-

4. Spark plug - 2300/-

5. Brake fluid - 100/-

6. Brake pads - 6000/-

TOTAL - 10725/- + Labour- 1000/- = ~ 12000/-

Who says maintaining a Toyota is cheap! I was bloody disgusted.

So high servicing costs, I would buy smaller cheaper cars henceforth in the future.

This is double disadvantage, 1st. you spend so much on petrol, then servicing costs eat the rest of you. These companies are here to loot Indian people.

speed2008-10-06 16:36:14

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