What all did you do today?

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Deg Teg Fateh


Its a Victorinox product' date=' actual size is pretty large. Will post comparitive pics. later.


Specs: Handle size - 5 inch, Blade size - 7.2 inch. With Gold plated edges.

Looks pretty expensive. It's an exquisite 'Kirpan' with the Akal Takht symbol on the beautifully detailed scabbard.

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'Mittran Nu Shauk Hathiyaran da' !

That's Really Cool BF... smiley20.gif


Just Resided at home for the whole of day, due to Heavy Rains outside(in afternoon & l'll bit later on) & Suffering from Cold, Flu from my body side..

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Hey BF I think our laptops are of similar models.

Even mine is the same Dv5 but it is AMD .

Today its going to be a bit of shopping day for me ,have to buy some soap etc . Though I am more intrested in the Dazzler which my friend just bought smiley4.gif.

From some back riding I can say the suspension is stiff than a Unicorn .smiley18.gif

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@BornFree :

Wow, this looks so nice. Got real antique touch on it. smiley20.gif

Came two know about two girls (both married now) who lost their dad some 23years ago. Their dad was one of the first to buy a Premier in their locality. The man was a reputed doctor of that time and was a nice person. The girls resorted the Premier completely on his 23rd death anniversary and it came back from the garage yesterday. (although the complete car was lying in garage for quite some time). The car has now new engine parts, new carb, new exhaust, new suspension and new seats (all original parts). The man who owned the car(ie the doc) was a good friend of my grandpa.

The girls have no plans to sell the car and they want to keep it with them as long as possible. Was very happy today after hearing this story. smiley4.gif






Will try to post more pics later.


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Nice to know that they are taking good care of their PP.

What I did today:

1. Went to a Ford Dealership: Dad was impressed by the Figo. His impression about the Fiesta (which he has used on a couple of 150km journeys) also improved.

2. Went to a Skoda Dealership. The 1.4 Petrol has been discountinued long back, we were told. We where offered the top-end Fabia 1.2 BS3  Elegance for just Rs 6 lakh after mouth watering Rs60000+ discounts! As the cars are of BS3, and Skoda TASS is better less talked about, we aren't too keen.

3. Watched Inception at Fame. A thrilling movie, I must say.

4. Shopped at Big Bazaar (rather had to sit somewhere browsing the net on my phone, while my parents shopped to their content).

5. Bought my self some plastic indian scale models at Big Bazaar itself.

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sb-alto Nice to learn about the new life the late doctor's Premier Padmini could get.Looks like a 1984 model or so.With this restoration it should clock some more years. The rusting needs to be periodically checked.

It was just the time when Maruti with its SS80X (the old 800) was ready for a launch by December 14, 1984, birthday of the late Mr Sanjay Gandhi.

Things were never the same for Premier Automobiles and Hindustan Motors after 14/12/1984.

anjan_c20072010-07-24 18:14:10

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@ Anjan Kaku :

The car was painted with an "orange" anti -rust paint commonly found in old Abys and Fiats. Monarcha colour is what it is called I guess. Leaf springs are new and all body rust (doors etc) are rectified and made as if it is new. Only the tyres are second hand. It was removed from another working car and installed in this one as the old tyres are damaged and a completely new set of tyres was not available. (particular size ie)

If you all want I can update about this car. Depends on interests though.

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@BF ' date=' my brother has the same , he uses it as kirpan , u can attach it to the belt na[/quote']


Yes, the smaller one can be worn with the belt & larger one can be suspended over the shoulder.

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Today was with friends for a game of BasketBall at Club, then went to eat some Surati delicacy i.e 'Locha' if anybody has heard of it. Then went to have a round in my Jetta, saw a completely ripped off Cruze there.

Cruze's both airbags were inflated, front right & rear left tyre were no more with the car, the rear bumper was hanging, the front was completely pissed of, at a junction the car went towards wrong side, cant make out how did this take place as car is damaged from almost all sides. They may be thinking the Cruze as a rocket because of media's name to its engine i guess - Rocket Engine.

Here are some pics...


I guess the people inside the car used sun-roof for exit.



This might had taken place in midnight or early morning, also the hazards lights were on & car seemed hardly 2months old by its registration number.

bluesapphire2010-07-25 12:09:03

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