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@Sarab, how many cars do you target in a year, you already got 2 luxurious Germans & now again a small one.

I think you should go for Polo Tdi, though Micra too is a nice car but it doesnt have diesel, dealer might have given you wrong info, most of them are generally fools(staff have no knowledge) & rest are known to fool consumers.

You can also have a look at i20 Asta CRDi or Figo.

Yesterday was searching for ACi's latest issue but its yet reach here, so got Forbes India's latest issue with KB on the cover page.

Today upgraded my Wave's firmware.

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@DD & BS , i know Micra diesel hasn't launched but will go and check it out anywayz, if its not a diesel the salesman will have it from me. I have reconfirmed about Diesel varient 5 times from him.

i20 and Figo are in back of my mind , but Polo has hijacked my dreams lately

i need atleast 4 gaadi( 4 cars) at home, cuz everyone drives, and can't take the germans out to construction site smiley6.gif


@arkyboy : i am getting instant delivery for i20 crdi(any varient) and was told 4 months for Polo till i showed the sales guy the checkbook then he finally came down to 15 days. Brat , i told him that tell me if there is cancellation.
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I had been driving a lot for the past 2 days. Not tripping as such but doing some work between two distant places. The car ran about 295km in the last 2 days. All on highways. FE is around 25-26kmpl (estimated). Will confirm after tanking full.

I am having a back pain and foot sore now.  

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Saw a Palio diesel 04 model' date=' Silver, 40k kms driven, one door painted, local no.

What should be the price of this car?


Max of 80-90k but if its of Exceptional condition & kept/driven by Govt employee or Army official then 1.10lacs to the stretch.

but Palio's 1.9 'Drive-by-Wire' diesel engine isn't that much powerful & Fuel efficient & is heavier for the car & pocket too.. 
dr_nishu2010-09-03 19:35:59
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In Northern India, i.e. this side of Delhi, the demand for diesel cars is higher & so they usually command a better resale value. You would be amazed to know that now almost defunct Lancer diesel is still in great demand.

More than the value part, Im more concerned about spares & service of Palio. Don't want to end up with a high maintenance car.



Edit(reply to the next post): Oh in that case, Im better far off from the car!


Thinking of launching a thread on "in-expensive diesel car".
BornFree2010-09-05 18:29:31
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Yesterday was out for some work & then was with friend at one of my friend's new restaurant. Also saw LR Range Rover in white, looks fantastic & 2BMW all new 5series white & black, to me the new 5 series should better be called mini 7series. And 2Micra's too, mid-level variant one white & another red, though i didnt liked them much, 1st i though white isnt good looking, red/silver/black might look good but again the red wasnt looking good either. May be the top-end should somewhat look good. Looks wise its still Figo for me comparing both of them.

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I think ECR within the Chennai city limits has to be sanitized: herd out the 'holy cows', rein the encroachments, penalize the suicidal jay walkers and errant bikes. Instead what does the police do: puts barricade slalom's every 500 meters and add speed breakers. Slowly its becoming aaaahhhaaa. smiley7.gif. The short drive becomes soo challenging that you feel a sense of relief if you make it home in one piece and your car comes home without a scratch.

Two weeks ago the same Sunday drive to the latest mall in Chennai : Express Avenue became a night mare coz someone was having a wedding reception on the narrow Santhome High Road (leads to Marina Beach) and they found it very convenient to block the busy road intermittently so their guest could cross over resulting in a  grid lock.

Who said video games are exciting: do the real thing take a drive to the heart of the city on Sunday.

I think the combined weight of some 1.4 billion is taking its toll.

Durango Dude2010-09-12 14:34:41

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@DD Haha! Sad to see that a relaxing weekend turned out so stressful for you.


I on the other hand had a great weekend. A friend of mine has an event management company and his company organized this paintball tournament this season at the this amusement part in Noida called World of Wonders, GIP Mall. I went there to help him out. Another friend of mine who owns a gaming lounge was one of the promoters.


So basically for the past two days ive been playing paintball and ps3 at the event while lending a helping hand.
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I think ECR within the Chennai city limits has to be sanitized: herd out the 'holy cows'' date=' rein the encroachments, penalize the suicidal jay walkers and errant bikes[/quote']

I am now sick of this.

Only bikers get all the blame.

Why not cars or trucks or buses?

Everyone ignores their faults and the blame is always on Bikers.

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