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You have to drive in ECR once winner. The road will be superb, but bikers will cut in front of you suddenly. The other menace in this road is share autos.


Now a days guys have realized the potential threat on ECR and have substancially reduced the speed. This week had a long drive on ECR with sedate driving (100 avg & top speed 130) and only one Fiesta overtook me.


The experience(JOY) of a long drive in ECR is something words can't describe.
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Today I drove the 1.3 Multijet Diesel MS Swift for the very first time. Friend's car. At first, at lower speeds I found the car to have the same roughness all diesels have. That sort of put me off for a bit. Then my friend suggested I floor it. Since we were in the bylanes I was driving at a low speed.

But as soon as we hit the main road and I took the RPM above 2000, I felt this sudden push that made me realize what everyone has been raving about. The performance was very impressive. Now I truly understand what the legend is all about.


I may not like the looks but the car certainly goes and goes at a crazy pace. smiley1.gif
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Just a few weeks later after Registering at the Toyota India Website for Etios, recieved a Acknowledgement gift from them today, which is actually a Good Quality Handy Gadget with In-built Torch-light, Cutter Blade, Measuring Metallic Tape(with lock) & 5-Tools(screw drivers, etc).

Attached are its pics below, see then in a Clockwise manner;



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I spent time at PRESTIGE hONDA showroom at Chandigarh regretting over MIchelin Tyres which were fitted in New Honda Car delivered to me on 17.09.2010. Michelin tyres could not survive even ten days and I feel they are not suitable for Indian roads. Honda car is excellent but michelin tyres have spoilt the joy. The person from the company just shifted the blame on the road conditions and no redressal of complaint was done.

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Tyre failure so early! What was it, a side wall cut or tread damage? In case its a side wall cut, its not covered by Warranty. Otherwise you can lay claim as your car/tyres are under warranty.

If you feel Michelin or Prestige Honda is not listening, get in touch with top Honda management or Michelin customer care.


Michelin are known to have soft side wall, if its a side wall damage, its very much expected.
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@Drifty: Nice Catch on the Chd-FGS Highway, along with Visual Glimpse of your K10 also, jazzed up with Windtone Horn.

Keep it up..smiley20.gif

@DD: Lol... Liked your comment.

Most of the Boys from the Neighbouring Rural areas/villages use to practice like them & mostly on Bajaj CT100, Platina & Enfields.

Even One official from the Punjab Police with show such kind of stuff with his Enfield Bullet on the Inaugral Ceremony of CWG-2010, New Delhi.

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Thoroughly Cleaned the Interiors of my car by myself , starting from Seats, Floor Carpet, Door Pads & ending upto the level of AC vents plumbing by removing all the Console parts like Central console frame, Speedometer Instrument Cluster, AC Climate Control Switches assembly.

One of the pic taken while doing this DIY job.



Assistance provided during the Course by my;

-Eureka Forbes Handy Vaccum Cleaner.

-8-Incher Screw driver.

-A Torchlight.

Overall It was an Interesting job & I enjoyed it alot.
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