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Took delivery of MS Swift DZire Petrol, White color.

My boss bought it.  He is yet to learn driving completely.

So, we went to the dealer and I drove it first.

Later, he engaged a driver and took it to a temple.


Incidentally, this is the EIGHTH time, I am taking delivery of a

BRAND NEW vehicle from a Dealer (not counting my two

second hand cars, a 8-month-old Premier Padmini Deluxe BE

and a 10-month-old Esteem VX).    Somehow, most of my

friends and colleagues want me to take the first drive out of the

showroom.  That way, I am lucky.


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Was in the Elliot's beach watching fireworks go off in the sky from the residences around from 10 till about 11pm. The Kwality Walls icecream wala was playing the AIR Rainbow FM old Tamil songs wafting in the air, pure heaven. There's been heavy police presence of late on the beach; probably a precautionary measure, so no fear too.

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Did a TD of the Linea T-Jet yesterday. My impresssions: The ride is rather "revealing" on the rain ravaged roads, around my residence (visavis my Elantra), the clutch pedal longer than usual and has very long play to drive intuitively, especially the first gear takes some 'learning' and the gear shift is a little notchy. The turbo lag catches you out especially on speed breakers and I stalled the car twice. The brakes are strong and grabby(like Santro's), wish it had been more linear. For all it's dimensions on paper the interior cabin space on offer isn't that much. The engine is refined. It isn't very intuitive car to drive and will take some learning and getting used to, coz of the extra long clutch pedal, extra clutch play and the turbo lag (will catch you out in city traffic). Once the engine speed increases it's a hoot to drive once the turbo comes on song and will do better on the highway than city traffic due to the turbo lag. 

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@Anjan: I'm not in a hurry. I still like my car though it's 5 years old, now. I'm just testing the waters. I just TD cars that I fancy. I asked for a TD and FIAT was good enough to get the car home, they are out to please.

@A Sethi: I have driven the ANHC, to be frank I liked the City ZX for it's tall seating and driving comfort. At 50 years you don't want to burn rubber or carve the corners and rev the engine; all you want is a decent, refined and reliable car that you can live with. Nowadays, I value ease of driving and refinement than anything else.

Durango Dude2010-11-23 15:55:04

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I can imagine. My dad is the same way. I recommend you test the City AT then. It shall provide economy, ease of driving, refinement and also the mantle of being the 'Coolest dad in the world' since it might just be handed down to your kids once you decide to replace itsmiley2.gif.

I remember dreaming about getting a Getz when I turned 18 and started college and instead received my dad's old Accent. It was the best first car I could have asked forsmiley1.gif.
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