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which one is this' date=' does wave comes with other series also other than S8500 & the newer one S8530 Wave2. Do share the price & specs.[/quote']

 If I remember correctly, just a couple of months back you wrote that you had bought a Wave. If that was true, shouldn't you be knowing more about it!smiley2.gif


well I bought Wave S8500 (which was 1st Wave series from Samsung) while this is Wave525. There are also other Wave's available. I bought it at 18k, thats why I asked it.
BornFree2010-11-28 10:11:14
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Yes Samsung Touch screen phones are the best & most Reliable amongst the TS's available in India.

Also thought of New DELL's Touch Screen(10k version) but left out, as its very much new in the Market & Performance,Reliability might crop as an Issue.


& Android in Samsung starts from around 10k in WaveS8500 & Galaxy5 Series phones.



Thanks alot.. 

No Asphalt5 isn't in my Wave 525 phone.
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Just back from a short drive in the night, rolled down both front windows just to hear if any undue noise is coming in from the engine, none whatsoever, just the distant thump thump the tyres made from its contact with the rain ravaged tarmac and the wind noise. It's nice to go on a spirited night drive, when there's sparse traffic.

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@Nishu : We are still living, where we lived. We wont move out until March. The apartment complex is still unfinished and filling up with 950+ families will take time. So we wont move into a deserted housing.

The second one is still incomplete and may take some more time. Thats on 9th floor of a 32family apartment.

We have a farm house some 80km away from Kolkata.

Here are some pictures of the second flat.






sb-alto2010-12-01 14:05:48

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Congrats SB for your house & Naren for that great farm house, its a kind of place i have always dreamt of.

Yesterday just went for a round to just see the Phaeton, also saw a place which was likely to be showroom, was came out to be a BMW dealer's showroom. Happy to see that, now just the 4rings are awaited which should be here by the 1st quarter of 2011. Its already U/c.

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Test Drove the Sonata Transform CRDI manual, today, was a very nice car to drive with no turbo lag, contrary to what is written about it in ACI review. It's very well appointed, leather interiors, 6 airbags, dual zone a/c, 16" alloy wheels, 8 way powered driver seat, rear parking sensors, ABS/EBD, all wheel discs, 6 speed gear box. Driving the car was very easy due to the light clutch and well assisted steering. Delivery of power is linear, again contrary to whats been written about it, sudden surge of power and difficult to modulate it in bumper to bumper traffic. I purposely took it through narrow streets, and found it 'intuitive' to drive (probably coz of my experience with Elantra). I didn't test the audio system but it comes with USB and Aux-in and also has steering wheel controls. Space is great wife liked the leg room. Ride is supple just like my Elantra. The ride height is also quiet good and no scraping the underbelly on speed breakers and injuring the chin in potholes, here. All in all I was happy, after the shock of test driving the Cruze which had lag and a very hard clutch; actually I went into the TD rather skeptical but came out rather satisfied. The only thing this car lacks is 'snob value' rest is all there. Wondering why it doesn't sell. But costs a whopping Rs.19.3 L otr and after discounts Rs.18.66 L otr. Now would anyone pay that kind of money for a family sedan clocking something like  30 - 40 units. The petrol is better value at around 17.5 L Otr with the same bells and whistles  with a 2.4 L engine. Sure it will be a resale disaster just like my car. Buy it if your going to keep it for ever. Should be more reliable and easy on the pocket to own, than many other German marques.

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hey guys ' date=' since we all share passion for cars , at some point of time or other we shall go and buy a new or used cars , lets make 2 seprate pinned threads?for?dealing with Showroom dealers and Used car dealers with members contribution and experience. what say ??[/quote'] Why not, i was thinking for the same few days ago though did not thought for the used car experience.
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Spent last night at a friends place. Ended up with red spots all over my face and body. Probably picked up some kind of allergy from their damn dog.smiley19.gif


On a more positive note:

Moving to a swanky new office by the end of this month. Sharing office with dad was one of the best business decisions ever. He may not have much knowledge about my particular line of work but his 30+ years of experience running various businesses is surely a blessing.smiley1.gif
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