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1 Mbps and above typically come with limited usage every month. For unlimited in these categories it's costs a bomb. If required you replace the broadband connection with a 3G data card, but I think BSNL is the most cost effective and service isn't as bad as it is made out to be. Even the Airtel broadband 'Unlimited' connection that I have if used extensively to download movies they start to restrict speed under the 'fair usage' policy the 512 Kbps comes down to 256 Kbps for the rest of the billing cycle after a warning notice. So there's no 'true' unlimited so to speak.

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Go for BSNL 750 Home Unlimited Combo. It has 512 kbps dedicated speed which doesnot fluctuate like other broadbands. You get the same speed day and night rather than getting lower speeds during peak time or higher at non peak times. And if your dad is a govt. employee, you get 20% off on it which makes it Rs.600 only.

So Rs.600 for a 512kbps unlimited connection!! What more can you get????

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@BF , try MTS or hang on till jan, more 3g circles will open up and price war will intensify. BSNL up in the north is great why don't u check it out ?

@BF : i have a 3gs too , need help with repo's ? did u jail-brake it ? u can install softwares with which u can hear other people whispering around you smiley17.gif

sarabjeet2010-12-11 18:55:40

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Back from a marriage ceremony at Dara Studio (owned by renowned actor and pehalwaan - Dara Singh).

Plus, had a telephonic convo with DocNishu during the day zeroing on which best cell he can buy with his budget. Indeed its easy to give suggestions but when it comes to buying yourself, you yourself need people to suggest!!

So DocNishu,is going in for Galaxy 3, which is such a sexy combination of features at a great price that he is getting!

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Regarding 3G,

The highspeed wireless internet which we are talking about is actually 3.5G or HSDPA. Do check whether your handset is compatible while buying 'n also the provider is giving 3.5G. IIRC, only Docomo has this at the moment.



May I know the advantages of Galaxy 3 over Optimus 1 barring Swype. Even I am in a dileama to choose an Android.
creativebala2010-12-12 05:18:25
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@CB - Man, isn't it possible to upgrade the OS from 2.1 to 2.2 ? Samsung will in the coming months release 2.2 Froyo ROM and then it can be legally upgraded to that version from the Samsung Dealer himself (free of cost if still under warranty, even if paid, must be around 200 bucks, if not less).

And Galaxy 3 was zeroed in all because of the deal that was being offered by the dealer!

One thing I would like to mention here is that Samsung is far ahead of LG in terms of cellphones and market reputation and customer satisfaction! Someone buying an LG will definitely think twice or thrice rather than someone who will go with Samsung, in an eye-blink. In Punjab, Samsung has better care and service centres than LG.

driftpunk2010-12-12 10:59:48

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A Sunday!So was the day for my Landmaster. Took it out for its weekend stroll all through the Orange City Nagpur. The city is fortified with policemen, security vehicles and the new tank like ,bullet proof Scorpios (custom made for the Anti Terrorist Squads)that are see all around.This is because the capital of Maharashtra is Nagpur now during the Winter session of the State Assembly.The Scorpios are custom built on SLX model as is evident from the alloy wheels with the Mahindra logo on the hubcaps.Other than this and the paper news there is nothing that can identify these bullet proof Scorpios as the body upward is totally something out of place.

Back to my 1955 Landmaster,its in very good health (touchwood) now and did the drive extremely well.Lastly, I took it to the garage where this is always repaired, sat with the owner Shri Babubhai for a while and returned back.The brake oil level was low and he got it topped up and also told me about the finer nuances of bleeding the locked air by pressing the brake pedal several times very lightly to enable the locked air to escape.After the air was out more brake oil could be filled and the car returned back home hale and hearty.


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Bought my 1st Android today -The Samsung GALAXY 3 with 2.1 Android(Eclair).




didnt DocNishu get a Wave?



You're right dude but bought the New One as Next day after buying the Wave, my sis have taken that Cellphone from me.



Tata DOCOMO is offering Rs.350 pack under 3G Package Scheme, do confirm this from your Local Tata DOCOMO Store.
dr_nishu2010-12-13 11:53:59
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