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Seen White coloured Premier Rio roaming around the our nearby Market today in Evening, & what I can say about it;

-Looks wise: Full Marks, as In the Era of Mini-like Swifts & i20s roaming here & there, this car/Mini SUV looked Really Distinct, Cool & lovable.

Its Overall Body height & Stance is quite lower like Cars, than typical SUV/Jeeps.

At the 1st sight from its Side front it looked like a 15-lakh SUV.

-Engine Note/Noise: Heard l'll bit of it, but only while Overtaking it & that was of Old-Jeep type not CRDi-type clutter, which is obvious as it's Turbocharged Diesel enigne only.

-Interiors: As seen it at around 7:00PM in Darkness, so seen only Its Dials & Centre console lighting which also was very Legible and Clear. 


Overall my 1st experience with Rio was Pretty Good, will probably Visit Premier Showroom soon to check it out completely.
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I was getting bored to death sitting @ home with no friends there (their holidays havn't started) .  I cleaned the car sparkling yesterday I just drove 20kms to kings circle and put the black mark tape of 3M on the B pillar for 200 bucks  and I can say the car looks now more complete .

I have F1 2010 game of Codemaster and I never get bored of it I have complete 4 season in it and I am doing the 5th season . Even in the low graphics setting the game is drool maal for the F1 crazy like me (my graphics card sucks big time therefore play with everthing low) .

I being a Red Bull Racing fan and always supported Vettel in the driver championship wanted to get a RBR Tshirt . I knew that Puma make the official t shirts for RBR I went to shop for it but there was just a Ferrari bag and when I asked about the RBR shirt the salesman said that F1 is not for India sir .

I got really frustrated and went to the extent to buy online but only to know that for shipment to Asian countries will cost 10 Euro and I had to buy atleast 35 Euro worth goods.

Now I have decided to go the piracy way to buy a white T shirt and print the RBR logo and car .smiley20.gif

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Driftpunk,asethi@ I bought it for 700SR(saudi riyal) on 2007. Was stopped playing it due to the career. But again i have startedsmiley17.gif.

Iam using SONY PLAYSTATION2 (slim type) with SONY WEGA 21inches screen flatron. Both= AWESOME PERFORMANCE AND EXPERIANCE./

I was simply enjoyed the holiday today.


(always the racer wins atlast)


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Saw Kamal starrer 'Manmadan Ambu' was nice but the ending could have been a little 'crisp' though. ECR is ruined for good, makes me go "WTF",  slalom barricades speed breaker's signals every 100 feet. This a two lane road, on Sunday, traffic is at it's peak and there's a pile up at every barricade.

Durango Dude2010-12-26 16:55:15

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I recently saw 'Megamind'. Hilarious stuff. Star cast includes Will Farrell, Jonah Hill and one of my all time favourite actress/comedians: Tina Fey. Not a fan of the silly plastic 3D glasses so went for the normal 2D version.


Been talking to my dad about my plans to update my car. He is ready to chip in so I can get a nice car.smiley4.gifsmiley31.gif
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