What all did you do today?


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Been to Chennai's Cultural Feast' date=' the Chennai Sangamam's Finale event.


@DD, Have you attended today?


Yep, CB, was there tucking into Dindigul Thalappakati with family on Elliots beach. Was there till the fire works and left before the ruckus and the 'dual' murders (smiley3.gif) that followed. It was scary reading about it in the papers. Murders took place at 11 pm and I was there till atleast 10.30 pm, and we had to walk at least 500 meters to where the car was parked.

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@CB: I was wearing formals as I arrived late due to the backlog at clinic following 2 days off due to Pongal. I arrived late say by 9-15 pm only, fireworks were on by that time and went straight to the stalls for dinner. Sat around for a while and went home by around 10.30pm.

My sons grouse about Optimus Prime P-500 is there is no front facing camera so though it's 3G, video calls can't be made and  playing video is just about average and speaker is kinda weak as compared with my Nokia 5800. There are some 7 home screens and very difficult to find a where a 'shortcut' to which feature is and there are many useless embedded apps that can't be uninstalled and Android isn't as 'intuitive' as say symbian my son's been literally studying the phone more than his subjects last few days.

Camera is good though it doesn't have flash indoor pic quality is good enough. Let me know your experiences with the LG Optimus Prime.

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LG phones were never know to have a good interface, while Nokia has sought of formed a standard on simplicity. Sometimes, even with all the features we do miss good old simpler times!

It would be better if he just moved all the apps he needed to first 2-3 screens. Much easier to use it that way.

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@rahul: My son's customised it to his taste, he's loaded his 2GB with songs and video's. I feel 2GB is too small a storage. I find android phones tech specs a little lesser than other smart phones. Max 3 MP cam. I find the Nokia N8 very impressive. I think the resistive touch screen (with a stylus) better than capacitive (without stylus) coz the buttons on the alphanumeric pad a little too small to be fiddling with fingers alone. By the way my Nokia 5800 started acting up yesterday: started shutting off and restarting all by itself repeatedly, so have packed it off for service will know status tomorrow. After looking at Android I have somewhat taken a liking to Symbian for its simplicity, as Rahul has rightly pointed it out.

Durango Dude2011-01-20 17:06:48

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Yeah N8 is a very good phone, and without a shred of doubt the best camera phone there is.

Resistive is a little old technology. Capacitive is more recent and much more responsive. May be if you go for a bigger screen you will be at ease. For medium budget HTC Wildfire is the best phone out there.


Wait for a couple of months, Sony will launch the Xperia Arc, Samsung the Nexus S. Arc especially is one to watch out for considering its design and technology.

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@sgiitk, thanks for the advice, gonna check out all of them.

Second question:Can a bluetooth connectivity system(for cellphone) be installed in an Innova?Does it need a replacement of music system?

Is it anyway useful to get it installed,because I am planning to get one.And which on is the best at a price limit of 25K? BornFree2011-01-21 03:45:43

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yes have seen those but both of them. I like dell Venue much better, it is expected in a months time. Have a look at it http://www1.ap.dell.com/in/en/home/mobile-accessories/mobile-venue/pd.aspx?refid=mobile-venue&s=dhs&cs=indhs1&~ck=mn how would you compare this to Arc ??


since i have upgraded os to 4.0.1, i can't use ibluenova (software which allows you to transfer and accept files from any mobile) and the new Andriods and 7OS are quite tempting

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Venue has a nice but very simple design. It does not have anything new. On the other hand the design of Arc is brand new, and has a real sexy inward curve(arc) at the back. Also the fact that it is so slim helps.

Just got a tweet that Nexus S expected early Feb.


At around 20k, I would suggest you to look at 2 phones.

1. Samsung Wave II 17-18K

2. HTC Desire 22k


I think we should move this discussion to Gadgets and Gizmo thread



You also have some wonderful WP7 options from HTC in form of HD7 and Mozart. Check them out too.rahul18102011-01-21 07:58:56

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