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One of my friend bought Tata Nano & I've driven it for 1st time today.

Oh Man ! Its awesome car to Roam around with Superb Driveable engine & its Nimble dimensions. I've clocked 110kmph with it' date=' very easily.

I too drove a red Nano for the first time just a few days back.It feels very tiny and can be navigated through small spaces very confidently.

The huge glass windscreen just a little ahead of the driver makes him feel like he's in a glass showcase.The car responds to the gas pedal inputs and is great for its category.The AC is quite OK and much, much better than the ones factory fitted to the old 800's.

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One of my uncle who's an Local leader bought Porcelain White Tata Aria today & somehow I got the chance to check it out.

Externally the car looked Nice with much better Road Presence, stance & Nice fit-finish than Innova but Interior-wise it didn't felt much convincing with Hard, Dark & Shiny Plastics.

Overall the car feels l'll bit Over Priced.

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Now that I am somewhat settled in my new home, I am getting time for ACI finally. Bought a reliance e-stick and the speed is fine. Still no TV connection. Scratching head out between Tata Sky and Dish tv. Bought a Faber kitchen chimney today. Mom is happy.

In the mean time car has crossed 70K km and next service is due in a month or so. PUC certificate expired yesterday and found no luck today. Will try tomorrow. Car wash frequency reduced because of busy schedules.

Went in search of a new lens for my Dslr. A sigma or tamron 70-300mm will add to my collection soon.

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@sb-alto: Congrats on moving into your new abode. Reminds me of my moving into my new premises in 2006. With some planning we had the kitchen running the day we moved in. The beds curtains and TV and cable etc were all up and running when we moved in. It was a hectic 5 month period after the house warming to moving in, but very satisfying. The best part was I had excellent sleep when we moved into the new premises. You can buy the warmest and cozy bed but not sleep. Sorry for getting carried away, your post kindled old memories.

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@DD : Thanks a ton. And thanks for sharing your memories.

In our case the shift was quick. Recent CABG of dad is not permitting to take up stress and so I and my mom had to manage everything from telephone line transfer, gas cylinder transfer and so much.

Adding new items is fun but at the end of the day we disposed off more than we bought. Sometimes I imagine that we buy so many stuff without thinking if at all it is going to be used.

Again some of our essentials are packed inside those cartons provided by the packers. So everyday it is a fight to fish out something.

The best part of the property is the view. From both the balcony on can see innumerable coconut tree tops and from the terrace the long runway of the airport and the big jets taxing up and down. But the noise from those engines can make a person scare. The neighborhood is calm and quiet.

Will upload some pics of the area.

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@SB Congrats on finally moving in to the new house. It is definately a pain but eventually it is all worth it.

Our house is made in the similar way as yours. We too combined 2 seperate adjacent apartments into one. They were 3 bedrooms each so we broke down the walls for 2 and created one giant master bedroom and added the other into the living room.


Anyways, hope the house brings nothing but happiness to the family.


By the way stick with Tata Sky. It is a level above anything else. I had a terrible experience with Dish TV customer care.
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Congrats sb for shifting in your new apartment finally.

ACI forum have missed you a lot during your shifting days. Hope your Alto have helped you alot during these days.

Now waiting for your new home's pics dude..

Regarding TV entertainment system i'd advice you to go for Tata Sky out of your strict choices.

I'm using BIG TV for its cheap & best services.

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My stupid OG ac(1.9ton) is not working at the night times due to the voltage problem. Have visted the Voltas showroom today' date=' for purchasing the medium segment AC(3star 1ton AC for 20k).Now, it works fine & iam sleeping happily. Have a chill dreams dudes.[/quote']

Do complement your OG with a double booster stabliser. Problem solved.


OT- YOu seemed to live in south chennai region( Voltage prob )


creativebala2011-04-09 18:37:12
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@golf :

Noise problem is not too much, unless its aa A330 or a 747. The runway can be seen from the roof clearly and its a great thing to watch.

Ok, TV at last, no tata sky or dish tv but Videocon d2h. Awesome picture quality and good value for money package and what!! they have discovery turbo too smiley4.gif.

I will try to upload some pictures tomorrow.

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@creativebala. Iam living in a northest chennai. lmao.//

Work/Business were so dull from the past one month due to the election.Customers were suffered these days due to travelled with their money. Just awaited these days and everything is over now. Weekend have started with the great start and lots of deliveries within a day. Cheers!

Good night ACI-ns.

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