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heyy guys!!!just got hold of my apple macbook pro today!!!! the config goes like this-1tb hard drive,5gb ram intel core i7 processor,17inch LED full high definition display,has apple macintosh latest os and has windows 7 installed in anther drive and lots and lots more features!!!and guess what?even with a bootful of features,it manages more than 13 hours of battery backup!!!!

@DD-congrats sir that sounds like one beauty of a pc!!!!how much did it cost you??

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Thanks for the wishes. Cost: lesser I think of it the bettersmiley18.gif. Has one year onsite warranty and MacAfee AV 15months bundled into it. Went online registered with Dell and customised it and placed an order; sales process was smooth and transparent. I wanted something that won't make me think I need an upgrade in say 6 months time. So went in for the best. Son's finishing his engg. in a year and has interests in animation so this will definitely help him I guess. It has wireless keyboard and mouse. Has some 8 usb ports and also e-sata. Though the sound is 7.1 ch but it came with speakers: 2.1 with subwoofer which is good enough. 24" monitor is full HD. It doesn't have a webcam though. Haven't seen a blue ray disc as yet, have to get hold of one and see it. May be Avatar would be a good choice.

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@sgiitk: Keeping cool. hy didn't you go in for a split?

I am old fashioned. Window units are easier to maintain. Also, actually it is a two way movement. The children's (if you can call two docs, an LLM and an MBA that!) room has a Videocon 1.5TR unit. This goes into the guest room (replacing the 1.5TR assembled window), and they kids room gets the new one.

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Even I am also thinking the same as Bornfree,because I too got a new Hitachi installed in my room(Kaze-1.5T split) and it costed me 34k by the same time I came across the window AC range of Hitachi which had one 5 star rated AC with blowers on both sides costing 24999+3500 for stabilizer+300 installation charges=28799..I am sure Sgiitk sir got the same+700 for the behavior of the salesmen...smiley36.gif

Four days ago just checked out a used Ashok Leyland 3014 truck,today have to go to the owner for deciding f the rates match then truck will be bought.TSiVipul2011-05-25 08:09:39

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The Hitachi RAV518ERD list is 29,990! One notch down RAV418ERD is 27,880. Yes, there are cheaper models, even Hitachi has Kaze, Quadricool, etc. Past experience suggests that Window units last well over a decade, and electricity is not getting any cheaper.

Splits are not that maintenance free. I wanted Window only! Next year when I replace my bedroom unit (split) it will be another split.

sgiitk2011-05-25 08:55:57

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