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Accompanied our family friend to Hyundai showroom to take delivery of a Stone Biege colored Hyundai i10 car, Sportz version with Auto Transmission.

Took the car to a temple in nearby place (Sri Sridevi Bhoodevi sametha Sri Venkateswara Swamy temple in Renigunta, near Tirupati). 

They have booked it (by paying Rs 25K) about 10 days back.  It came about two days back and we took delivery today (even though it is sunday) as it is an auspicious day.  Rs 5.63L is what we paid today.  Insurance is given free along with seat covers, floor mats, bluetooth+mp3+reverse camera set up and bodycover.  Had to bargain a bit when we have paid the advance.  The delivery was smooth, hasslefree and on-time (we need to take the car for pooja before the temple is closed at 1130 am). 
rameshbabu.n2011-08-21 13:02:17
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@Durango Dude:

All that looks tasty,are they for we people or for lord Krishna?

After returning home from hospital was really a very mind bursting experience,here are some incidents:

Rear door of the car opens and came our dear chef saying "bhaiya aaj sab aapki pasand ka banega"(today all your wishes will be followed)..

I entered my room and suddenly came to know that there are a lot of friends and relatives who are eager to meet me..I understood that now even God can't save me and after sleeping for about 3 hours,I felt a soft hand over my forehead I said "Mummy sone do na"(mummy let me sleep),then I thought Mummy!!,how?then opened my eyes and saw my BUAA(father's sister)..now starts the bad time:-

4,5,6,7,8,9,10 at night and I am fed up telling people what happened,how it happened and my right knee is still out of work and shoulder is paining..at about 11 when I went to sleep came father saying "Beta please last one,SP sir has came,just meet him"..okay then 12,1 and I went to sleep..

Second day,at about 11 am,my father "Get ready today we will leave for Jwala ji as I wished mata for your health"..okay..

3 days more passed in Jwala ji and then in Bala ji too,what's good is that we bought the flame(jyoti)from Jwala ji for our worship place in house,this flame is a continuous one(as we call akhand-jyot in hindi)and is never extinguished...isn't it great?

Returned back yesterday and today went to college and again,same question which I am fed up answering and also about to get unconscious seeing the course which has been covered...so will be cutting my ACI time for more 3-4 days and cover all and everything..

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Here attached below are some of the more pics of festival-Shri Krishna Janmashtami, at a temple near near to our residence.

-Lord Krishna & Radha's Idol. BmXiBl.jpg

-The Pooja place.


-The Rath Yatra.


-The Bhajan(religious song) singers.


-The Decorated & well-lit temple.


@DD; That's really a good arrangement of eatables done at yours place. But are these are placed on floor directly !!

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I have an avid interest in going through photographs. I scan through a lot on twitter which is full of amateurs and prof. photographers. I have a hard time justifying it as a pure art form but it does require a certain amount of skill and a unique perception.

I really like some of your stuff. Keep it up. smiley1.gif

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