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I had a chance to visit the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 team press conf. held on Friday. Jenson Button and L.Hamilton chatted up the crowd and were extremely entertaining. Jenson Button is particularly hilarious.

I also got a chance to talk to Shapur Kotwal who is the Deputy Editor of Autocar India. I told him about being a member of the forum and we discussed the new ACI website for a bit. What a great guy! :)

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Been to Horsley Hills in AP by car for a day.


A simple no non-sense hill station, worth giving a try if you plan to stay not more than 2 days.


The Hill station is too small. All it has is a AP Tourism Resort(WVery good Resort with Restaurent, Swimming Pool, Bar and some small recreational activities) and 2 or 3 small guest house and 2 or 3 shops.


The place is COOL 'n CALM. Period.


Point to be noted - No ATM, No Fuel pumps, No shops after 9.30 PM


PS- Do not miss the Chilly Bajji opposite to the resort.
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Damn...How the hell you lost your bike Dr Nishu??

Rest,now you need to be quite tension free as it will never come back now(I KNOW MY WORDS ARE BITTER,BUT THEY ARE TRUE)a bike is gone,that means its permanently gone.

You can file police complains as a formality nothing else.

Rest be careful from next time onwards,and move on just considering it as an expensive lesson.(DON'T THINK THAT I AM NOT FEELING BAD FOR YOU,BUT ITS JUST A PIECE OF ADVISE IN QUITE DIRECT WORDS)..

Well,now my turn..

Sessional exams,internal practicals,all assignments etc etc etc..all over,semester exams from day after tomorrow..but but but

NOW I AM QUITE FREE AND HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO DAILY VISIT THE FORUM,after all I am going to be the future mod.. smiley2.gif

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You can very well understand that why I'm replying late.

Please bear with me.


What ? smiley3.gif . Where was it parked when it got stolen? How did it all happen?
That is sad. Did  you file a complaint with Police ? What is the progress?


My cousin have taken for going to a nearby Mall' date=' Parked it outside & after mere 10mins he got the bike missing at parked spot.


Damn...How the hell you lost your bike Dr Nishu??
Rest,now you need to be quite tension free as it will never come back now


I'm also assuming the same, that's why I always insist on Full Insurance cover for my vehicles.


What happen man? Isn't this your daily commute?


Yes' date=' it was..


Sad to hear of this, hope you have placed a police complaint and informed insurance and gotten an FIR copy of the same. Kindly elaborate when time permits, I know you must be stressed out running around. Hoping you get back your 'black beast'.


Yes, I'm trying to cover all the formalities ASAP for hassle free Investigation/Claims(if needed).

Fingers Crossed.


Doc' date=' on a lighter note, did you give any wrong medication to someone? smiley2.gif


All condolences for you Doc Sa'ab!


Now you're going to get a 4-wheeler direct. Are you planning on another 2-wheeler?


Nope dear.

I insist on quality everywhere, cars & offcourse for the services I deliver.


Still a 2-wheeler is needed for minor nearby or to local crowded market commutes.

Trying to explore various options as its replacement.  
dr_nishu2011-11-30 12:55:09
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@ddThats lightning fast when compared to many 2G users here.How much you pay for it for how many GB? Am really bored with Docomo 2G.

Just for the heck of it wanted to try out the Rs.1502/3GB/1month plan so recharged with it, am on prepaid. Its working fine but expensive. After doing this I realised there is a 1250 10 GB plan. Find below Aircel 3G Data plans for Chennai.

20111202_020339_Aircel_3G_Data_.PNGDurango Dude2011-12-02 02:06:47

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@Durango: Yes, i agree with you, car sales are slowing down.

What papers and other media shows an increase in car sales is YoY fugures, which is better for most of the manufacturers as new models have come in.

Comparing to Oct'11, sales are down for most of companies except few.


                       Oct         Nov

                       ---          ---
Chevrolet:       10009     8382
Fiat:                622         1037
Ford:              8091       8322
Honda:           5526       1982
Hyundai:         33001     35000
M&M:           17717     17051
Maruti:           51458     82870
Nissan:           2990       2717
Skoda:           2134       2628
Tata:              25124     27737
Toyota:          10762     13956
Volkswagen:  7266       6722
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