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Came back yesterday from a visit to Bombay. Lovely city. LOvely people. Everything was beautiful except for the traffic. Chose to be stuck in a taxi for hours but not take the local train and didnt regret it.

There were certain bad experiences too. A 6 hour delay while going there and a 2 hour delay while coming back. Thanks again for that Kingfisher.

Almost got run over by a rick spoilt brat in his daddy's mercedes. Traffic (non)sense is pretty much the same as it is in other cities around our country. There are ***** everywhere it seems.

Will visit the city soon though. :)

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2 days back, saw a Renault F1 car displayed at Express Avenue mall and took snaps with it.

The event was good. Drove the F1 simulator and they had small competition where in you need to mimic the F1 car sound which the whole mall can hear. Initially was embarrassed, but finally I participated and won a Gift set that includes a Renault Cap, a poster and a small paper bag.

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@SB, do you use the scotch brite for wiping only the glass section or the entire car. Also, can you use it for rubbing the wax? Is it reusable?

I'm planning to get Dynamat installed on my Swift doors and if I get a good bargain, on the floors as well over this weekend. Will try to upload pics of the installation if possible.

The dealer has quoted Rs 1200 for 4 doors and the hatch. Seems to be a very good price to me at least.

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1. Yes I use it for glass as well as for polishing and waxing. These are 25cmX 25cm cloth. So better for polishing. For washing I have 50 X 50cm MF.

2. Yes reusable and stays for 3 months or more.

3. Scotch brite is a 3M product. So I guess quality should be good.

I have bought some Chinese MF cloth too. 6 pcs for Rs99 smiley4.gif. These are 50X50

sb-alto2012-02-17 06:25:51

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Chinese MF 6 for 99 is a fantastic bargain. Will try to see if I get it somewhr around. I'm sure big bazar might have something like this smiley1.gif

I just cant wait to get my car fortified. Planning to change tires as well. But thats to happen in April/May.. Just before the rains...

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On it's 3rd birthday, I took my Torredo Red Xylo E8 on a 610km drive from Tirupati to Puttaparthy and back. Spent a day in Prasanthinilayam. On the way back, visited Kadiri (Sri Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy temple), Thimmamma Marri Maanu (the world's largest tree spanning over 8 hectars and over 650 years old banyan tree in Ananthapur district) and Tharigonda (Sri Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy temple).

Spent Rs 2,000/- on diesel for this 610 km drive (with about 100 km of ghat section) undertaken by 4 of us with about 4 small suitcases (and plenty of food and soft-drinks. Fuel for another 70 km left in the tank.

Cost per KM is LESS THAN Rs 3/- for 4 passengers, driven with AC on always.

Completed THREE YEARS of XYLO ownership on 16.02.2012.

Extremely satisfying, very safe, very comfortable and highly economical vehicle for all of us.

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I am back to Kolkata, have lots of photos to share, but might take time.


Had biriyanis smiley1.gif

Some likes and dislikes about the hyd city


1. Many IT office

2. Retail chain improved a lot (last I visited 8 years back)

3. Road infrastructure is good. Lots of flyovers.

4. Bus service is good

5. Food is good, but not very cheap

6. Still retains culture


1. Very very hot during the day. Extreme weather. Too much dry without many trees and vegetation

2. Two stroke autos run havoc. Auto fare is excessively high. No fixed rate

3. AC cabs are also more costly compared to kolkata

4. No traffic rules. Bikes do whatever they like. Traffic police is non existent. Signal system is more for show. Nobody monitors or slap fine to violators.

5. Helmets ? What helmets? People in Kolkata wear it to avoid fine. At least some harm is saved.

6. No proper bus stops

7. Costly everything without any improvement in quality. Even prices in Big Bazar are more.

Other observations

1. Cars have the darkest tints. No prizes for guessing why.

2. Less BMW, people love Audi and Mercs more, and yes Volvo

3. Second hand car market is good

4. Spares are available everywhere and covers all times. (vintage or modern)

5. No woofer wala car. Everyone seems decent. No wacko mods either

6. Andhra Pradesh Loves Skoda. Thats it. 5 out of 10 cars is a skoda.

7. Skoda horn is the horn of the masses. Peep-peep ones are rare.

8. No HIDs though.

9. I did not find even one OMNI in 5 days

10. People drive with an awkward forward leaning posture. Uphill and downhill vision is the cause.

11. Vintage scooters are in good numbers and most are well maintained.

12. Fake HSRP are easily available. Looks ditto same. Prices start at 160 Rs for a single plate.

13. More scooters less bikes.

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