What all did you do today?


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@leorahi getting spare actuator from autocop would be a good idea though they would

Charge a bomb for it, thanks a lot!!

@librankur most common brand in India is minda, but fakes are

Mostly available. What in my car is fitted, is autocop and it has worked for some 10

Yrs, It has become hard to operate and sometimes get struck in end positions.

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Yesterday ,

I spotted a BRABUS

( The Merc S 500 , looked out of the world ) too bad wasnt able to take a picture , as my senses came back much after it left the scene.

Smoked headlamps, colour coordinated wheel rims and chrome accents are just that linger in my mind.

Now ,Just wonder how well it would be tuned inside

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Have you seen the wheel of a 2Cr car pop out?

Last night was a first for me

That too on a perfectly straight , pot hole free stretch.

I was part of a convoy of cars , when suddenly the rear left wheel of the vehicle ahead of us , a GL 63 AMG poped out , luckily it stayed in the wheel well and prevented the vehicle from crashing its rear on the road.

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Today took up a job, repairing of bottle water dispenser cum cooler. On the ref.compressor crimped gas charging copper tube cut and brazed a schrader valve. Vacuumed the freon system, vacuum not holding, obviously some leak. Charged some nitrogen, I could feel a blow of gas but can't locate the leak. Stripped the insulation from the cooling pipes, Bingo! Found a 4mm crack. Too late to work now as 1820hrs. Tomorrow, crop and renew the leaking tube and then charge R134a, after vacuuming.

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Finally brazed the line with portable gas cylinder as no space to crop and renew. Kept the system in vacuum for 30 minutes, no leaks, R134a charged as recommended by fridge maker.

System working fine. Only got a small jolt of electricity, but all fine. A big task for engineers, completed (may be kids job for a fridge technician).


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@ LeoRahi, Now Lonavla is dry as it got over commercialized. It was hot too. We just stayed in the holiday home and went for walk or play badminton in the evening in the garden. Plucked mulberry and in afternoons waxed the car, rotated the tyres and cleaned all the rims from inside etc.post-71520-0-68340100-1429817649_thumb.jpost-71520-0-21205700-1429817667_thumb.jpost-71520-0-72298000-1429817691_thumb.j

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