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As the water supplied by the municipal corporation is less than the required the shortage is compensated by tanker supply. The tanker water is hard and leaves white deposits on the chrome platings and also makes the hair sort of dry. So planning to buy Reverse Osmosis booster pump(100psi, 24V) and membrane filters, after assembly would fit it in one of the bathroom. This arrangement would cost me less than 2300₹.

If anybody has done such experiments, let me know!

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Originally it was fitted with the high wattage halogen bulbs which were replaced with CFL (ethnic yellow light). This (CFL)arrangement was there in place for some 10years. Few days back I saw Syska brand fixtures but very costly, so yesterday I went to Philips wholesaler and saved 400₹ on the pair. Moreover white (6000K) looks lively and bright.

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Assembled the pump assembly but the membrane filter supplied by the Aquadyne wasn't effective as conductivity of water prior membrane filter was 800micro seconds and after the membrane was the same too, as 799~800micro seconds. Complained to the Amazon for complete refund.

Renewed the battery tray of my Wagon R



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Was the refund processed

Nice work on the tray

I am looking for a replacement of my EXIDE EM35R (MF), for some reason dont find that EXIDE brand is working for me (lot of discharges and cell failure) ,despite that, last year ,2015 , bought a couple of MILEAGE and MATRIX but wont buy them now.

So this year I am switching brands

Anyone had a good experience with another BRAND kindly share exact make and model

With good experience i mean , living out the intended life and trouble free working in its lifetime

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@librankur, money was promptly refunded in my account and assembled with the membrane filter in the exactly same way except it has excess brine connection. This mineral free water is good for hair.

I am pretty happy with exide brand and in my wagon R the start battery is in its fourth year and would last for coming two months.

Welcome! Back sb-alto.

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It just means you can drive them on all days.

It does not affect the cars registration years,

It must be kept in mind it does have a basic petrol engine behind the GAS scene.

Delhites are notorious to say the least

few of them purchased the CNG STICKERS that were available FREE OF COST for CNG VEHICLES for their non cng vehicles for nearly 3K

Already the number of CNG stickers distributed this way exceeds the maximum number of registered CNG vehicles by around 40K

That is why now there is only one CNG pump giving out these stickers now in Delhi.

Lack of policy is keeping people at bay

Ponder on this

Maharastra Govt will soon introduce a new scheme where ELECTRIC car will be exempt from all taxes , so no registration costs no sales tax no road tax and later possibly no parking tax and cheaper insurance and cheaper batteries, electric cars have practically zero service costs

Say if Nitin Gadkari ministry in this years BUDGET is able to push such a thing for all ELECTRIC AND CNG vehicle's throughout india , people will be more and more tempted to go GREEN

Behind all this , I am also trying to go GREEN with this small step.

Also the reality of paying conveyance to my driver during office hours to travel while the car basks in the winter sun , crippled by the 15 days, odd even policy has been an eye opener of sorts.

Another thing

Was that a G4 LED you used in the Chimney project.

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