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These Airfryer are fairly useless , the exitement is majorly about winning something .

Bought the Philips one in Oct 2014 ,

(I had mentioned about buying it on a post #1322 in the other Gadgets and Gizmo thread)

its too tiny to cook something that feeds a few at one go.

Afterall it turned out to be more of a Diwali impulse buying that year , it was in fashion, than actually serving any good.

This one is a

Kenstar Oxyfryer - KOA 15 CJ3.



This link contains the Airfryer related FAQs towards end of the page

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Yes, librankur when the chimney was installed I replaced the whole assembly with CFL, some 10 years ago, as halogen bulbs wattage was more than 120W. Back those days none LEDs.

BTW(by the way) your chimney's halogen bulbs would be 230V operated and LEDs are normally 12V operated, you would need a regulated DC power supply.

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Sunday is DIY day.

So ended up totally destroying a power antenna after starting to get bothered with it getting stuck halfway during operation.

In an attempt to fix it , totally took it apart and seeing that it was beyond repair threw it away in trash.

Next sunday will try and get a short , fixed , non retractable , flexible rubber one, to cover up the hole thus created.

That chimney bulb is actually too much work, havent been able to find it in a proper store yet.

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@librankur, you know what you are doing and where to stop, had this job given to some technician he would have spoiled everything. Well! This chimney job isn't that complicated like power antenna as you have to select a LED with neck diameter less than the cut out in chimney, rest you can easily figure out.

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Has anyone here sent money to AUSTRALIA

I need to send some for a wedding

suggest a trustworthy partner with low transaction charges

both for USD $ 1500 or AUS $ 2100

1) Bank to Bank transfer

2) Cash Delivery

i have seen

Western Union



Any Indian Bank in Queensland ?

Things would have been much easier if i could just ask the recepients for the details, problem is it would kill the surprise element.


Thank you for the reply

Checked with mapmyindia

they say its an old product , not available on their website, their 301 is a newer product.

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Valet broke the clutch cabling and some gear lever related locks on my Scorpio Automatic

Was left stranded at a premium delhi wedding lawns at 2 am in the morning

Today , called in Mahindra Helpline to fish the car out of the locked Gear Lever at Parking position.

They popped up a small caped opening next to the gear lever , it gave way for a normal screw driver to go in , it pressed a lever inside the hole thus created and the vehicle was out of the Parking position lock

Problem being , this need to be done everytime to get vehicle out of the P position.

They took the car to the workshop for a closer look,

First estimates look like this

1 1500 for Helpline Service

2 30K for the part thats broken

3 labour extra

If that wasnt enough , vehicles remains at the workshop for 5 days as faulty part not in stock , has to be sourced from Mahindras pune plant ,

Revised date for delivery 29 Feb 2016

I wanted to go hard on the Valet people initially , till the time i did not get the estimates , but now when i am starting to feel that the repair bill could easily run up into late 40s / early 50s , dont think its even an option to make them pay , its just too much an amount for an ordinary valet guy to cough up

Even though i have in Writing from the Parking manager , where he has admitted that the vehicle went bad while in his posession and he has in writing also agreed to pay for any bill that would be generated thereof ,

i had at that time , in the heat of the moment , had literally forced them to give me in writing, before i left the spot , leaving behind my vehicle in the early hours of the day.

But now when i think that someone could lose more than i did , i feel bad myself.

What do you have to say

What would you do ?


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I assume you will paying through insurance, is it zero dep?

If yes, then you don't have to shell out more than 1.5 to 2 k.

However, if it's normal insurance then amount can vary depending upon plastic parts used, consumables etc.

Anyway, I appreciate your move to let the Valet person off this burden. Even paying 2k will be a tough ask for these Valet people.

Point is they have admitted their mistake.

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Glad to see your comment , shows you have a kind heart.

Did not think about claiming insurance right uptill this point , will check now with my agent if my insurance plan covers this kind of failure. If you have some specific knowledge as to how this incident can be formulated into a claim do let me know.

My previous experience with insurance companies have never been good, they take a lot of time , paperwork and lot of payouts to middlemen and agents .

My recent claim for my burnt out swift was settled in over an years time.

Telling the insurance the real thing would then again prompt them to ask me uneasy questions , like where is the FIR againt these involved persons, why was i quiet for two days , why insurance company not informed before taking vehicle to workshop , why insurance companies vehicle / towing helpline not used for transporting the vehicle, why did i choose this specific authorised service centre and why wasnt the insurance company was informed before commencement of work and many other such questions, (i am only able to think of these many now.)

Another way is that i take the complete blame on myself , i was the one who broke it , was too drunk for the past two days to file a report , today got sober again and on recommendation of a friend am filing for a claim.


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I do agree that to claim insurance on this sort of damage (where there is none on the outside) will be a little tricky.

However, these service guys at dealerships do have ways and links with insurance agents to get that done.

I suggest you check with them first.

Even if they ask for a Police complaint copy (or FIR) then I guess you should get it done. May be something like you forgot to lock car and some unidentified person tried to break into it which resulted in damage.

If the repair amount is exceeding what you will save as a NCB in next insurance renewal then it's better to claim now.

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Nice of you librankur. As sachins suggested, the story will be fabricated by the service centre and the claim will be passed. The scar that will remain for some time, that some inexperienced valet guy damaged your ride but it will fade away in few weeks. The service guys can repair the damaged part but instead they will renew, hence cost is high.

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Thank for that SBI thing, if was the cheapest and easiest thing to do , if you leave out the callous banking staff who pretty much like to sit around and do nothing and then i found someone at another branch who went over the top to help me out in the money transfer.

Sbi has three forms that need to be filled up to start the process, it just took 2 days for money to go from my account to the recipients account in Australia.

I also tried my bit of reverse engineering , found out the recipent had an account in COMMBANK , so i found their branch in Mumbai , but they would only transfer if you have an account with them , they werent ready to accept me transffering money from delhi to their account for transfer , had they agreed to that , it was just a matter of minutes for the funds to get transferred.

Anyways have applied to open an account with them for future needs.

I am past this Gear incident , checked with the insurance guys , they say FIR is a must , and if i go for an FIR either my colony guard would be in trouble or my driver would be in trouble or those party lawn people will be in trouble , depending on what i say where i was and what happened , which in turn would lead to another set of questions

, i have given both the insurance people and service centre guys a free hand to bring down costs if possible without me filing any police report and telling a whole lot of lies , i have left the lying part to people who do it best, insurance agents and service centre guys assigned to insurance claims.

Yes since this happened i have seen so many internet videos and they were easy fixes , sometimes a blown fuse , sometimes a plastic part replacement and sometimes just a broken spring replacement.

But they will never replace and always go in for a newer part as it costs more , they are free from any liability as a newer part means lesser chances of reoccurrence of the problem and they dont have to spent time mending it.

What these authorised service centre quote is besides me , another reason for me letting off the valet guy.

More troublesome now is my daily commute , it has started to cost me way less but the rickety old spare cars that I am left with have started to give me headache.

I had shared here that I had recently converted my older worn out rides to CNG when ODD EVEN was introduced , now after a month of their conversion and thanks to this incident have been able to finally test the CNG vehicles.

How to fix those rickety car doors is now on my agenda :)

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Sitting inside a hot car in Delhi summer.

43 c - 42 c are the range we are tackling dailh.

Just wondering , how much the temperature inside a parked car under direct sunlight goes up to

Also much cooler can the car AC make this temperature by.

Assuming the car doors were opened up completely and hot air was allowed to pass before getting in

What is the best temperature that can be achieved inside the vehicle.

Does size , colour matter if yes then how much.

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I dont know how scientific my tests were without proper testing equipment but i used an old analog temperature gauge , a room temperature measuring device

It max outs at 50 degrees

Phone App shows current temperate in Delhi around 42 degrees.

I placed it in my vehicle and let it rest in direct sunlight.

When i came to see it few hours later , the gauge was showing 50 , the max reading that it could show.Which makes me believe it would be definitely much higher within.

I opened the vehicle and let out the hot air , then ran the fan full blast before switching on the AC .

Temperate started to drop gradually and i could see at 24-25 degrees after around 30 minutes.

I tried doing the same in the evening also

The temperature was again maxed out at 50 , which again means it was much higher even in the evening.

I let out all hot air again, put fan speed at max speed before switching on the AC

This time i could manage around 22-23 degrees in 30 minutes.

Hot days indeed.

Hopefully this is the max my AC could do , as i recently got it serviced, flushed and recharged just this sunday.

If you can do similar test , do share your results here.

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Yes , Delhi has no climate of its own , its all incidental .

There was around 25 degree drop, just yesterday thanks to the rains.Temperature came down from 46-47 to 23-24 degrees

just to add

I kept my temperature probe inside the cup holder next to the hand brake in my Scorpio.

That should give you an idea about the vehicle size and the distance from the vents.I am guessing this could also affect how temperature is recorded in our AC Effectiveness Experiment

Will be waiting for your results.

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Got tired of my washing machine's tiny filter getting clogged with Teflon sealing tapes, plastics and sand, every time We remove the pipe to clean filter the water falls on the washing machine, so finally modified the ends of the water cooler filter with the 1/2 inch connections and would fit the filter to the water supply line of the W.machine. This filter is fine and great surface area. I hope it helps me.

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