Helmets compulsory

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Helmets on no account reduce accidents' date=' instead it increase it due to poor visibility and you can't hear the horn sounds clearly.
Even with helmets there are many deaths taking place.


It has been proved that helmets increase your chance of surviving an accident. But only authorised and crash tested helmets. Not the cheap ones you get at the side of the road.

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1)Most unsecured Driving is Two Whealers.

2)Helmates Will not saves your life.(As I seen accidents in my city,On it i predict it will not saves your life)

3)As i Writen If we wear helmates then the posibilities of saving life is just If--Then,Not more than that.

4)i.e.If an accidents get done then if the tyre of incoming vehicle(Max Times Canter or Truck(90%))should not go on  victims body.

5)Leaving All Negetive points Yes Tell me


6)Indian Wheather is Very Hot in Summer person gets sweating which makes an accidents

7)Also The side which is required in cities gets completed off

8)There are too many negetive points over positive one.

9)So i Think court must make it recommanded(Not Compulsion)And search such a way that the accident should be prevented.

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with good roads ,the helmets become life savers

but with potholes & unexpected humps even on expressways makes things terrible

with 4- 6 months rain in my state..& with poor roads,

  wearing  helmets reduces visibilty ,horn not heared

i may save life in some where else not in my state .....

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hetmets does prevent u to get minimal injuries in head. A friend of mine was riding his bike with pillion rider and a truck rammed them. rider was not wearing helmet but the pillion was. Both fell and hit the dividers. RIder died on spot as his head hit it hardly and the pillion didnt got any injury in his head either then some scars and rough skin as his helmet broke into two peice but his head was saved. just a hard shake in his head but was alive. I would still suggest wear helmet and give peace to urself and ur family.

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