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....Yamaha has unveiled the 2009 edition of its supersport motorcycle, the

R1. The all new R1 comes with a host of new technologies including a

few which have been filtered from MotoGP to the production superbike.


09ms_yzfr1_blk_s4_fc601f90.thumbnail.jpg 09ms_yzfr1_blu_s4_bb08da4f.thumbnail.jpg 09ms_yzfr1_wht_s4_3f26f9c7.thumbnail.jpg 09ms_yzfr1_yel_s4_7d03dafc.thumbnail.jpg 09spbk_r1_bk_a3_disclaimer162_5fedacf7.t 09spbk_r1_bl_a3_030_73c1992a.thumbnail.j

yamahaR152008-09-09 10:05:44

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