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Planning to go in for a new car after replacing my Maruti 800.We are two adults and middle aged.Budget around 4.5L. Initially thought of swift but after i10 launch considering i10.Your suggestion please.
Hello Virgopal n very welcome to u in this forum.....swift is an excellent car n no doubt i10 is too!!.....if u are two people only goin to sit in your car n dont have much need from it then ill suggest u to go for the HYUNDAI i10 as u alredy have a little 800 so u i dont think  that u will have much problem to drive the i10..but there will be a bit problem in swift because its quite a bigger car...smiley1.gif

....... i10 will be a good upgrade from an 800 look forward n go for newly

launched i10!!smiley17.gif
vibhor2008-09-13 11:46:35

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welcome virgopal! the budget of 4.5lacs.... i think i10's 1.2 magnaM/T (kappa) will fit in your budget!..go for it its the best especially the one with kappa engine!smiley1.gif
vibhor2008-09-13 12:07:16

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I think I will go for i0 Magna M/T[kappa].Thanks again
oh welcome dear!....ya ..go for it its a great choice...n make sure to ask ur dealer for discount because i just read in ACi that Hyundai is givig some discounts on i10!!all the best!smiley17.gif

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I think you should go for i10. its a nice new model compared with swift.

discout is offered by both companies(maruti & hyundai) i think if you are going for exchange with your 800 maruti may give you good value compared with hyundai please check.

Go for i10 you may try automatic (driving auto transmission in city traffic is more easy)

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i think someone hit a tree and the engine got damaged severly due to lack of protection bar in the front, and he had a pay a bomb to get it repaired (just hitting a tree.. else i think drive wise is a great car to own. Though personally prefer the swift..

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Adult occupant protection

Frontal impact driver


Frontal impact passenger


Side impact driver


Child restraints
18 month old Child Britax Romer Baby safe Plus, rearward facing
3 year old Child Britax Romer Duo Plus, forward facing

Pedestrian protection

Pedestrian protection


Safety equipment
Front seatbelt pretensioners detail-check1.png
Front seatbelt load limiters detail-check1.png
Driver frontal airbag detail-check1.png
Front passenger frontal airbag detail-check1.png
Side body airbags detail-check1.png
Side head airbags detail-check0.png
Driver knee airbag detail-check0.png

Car details
Tested model Hyundai i10 1.1 GLS, LHD
Body type 5 door hatchback
Year of publication 2008
Kerb weight 980kg
VIN from which rating applies applies to all i10s

Front impact


passenger compartment remained stable in the impact. Protection of the

driver's chest was rated as weak owing to the extent to which it was

compressed during the test. Structures in the dashboard presented a

risk of injury to the knees and femurs of the front seat passengers.

Side impact

A head-protecting airbag is not available for the i10 so no pole test was performed.



on the dummy response in the dynamic tests, the i10 scored maximum

points for its protection of the 3 year dummy. The passenger airbag can

be deactivated by means of a switch, allowing a rearward-facing child

restraint to be used in that seating position. However, information

provdided to the driver regarding the status of the airbag is not

sufficiently clear. No clear warning is given of the dangers of using a

rearward facing child seat in that seat without first disabling the

airbag. The presence of ISOFIX and top-tether anchorages in the rear

outboard seats was not clearly marked.

Pedestrian protection


bumper scored maximum points for the protection it offered pedestrians'

legs. However, the front edge of the bonnet offered poor protection.

Overall I10 got 4 stars, which is good rating.

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