whats up with HONDA???

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i have been observing very much about the Honda Siel India Limited (

HSIL) i have to agree with the point that the Honda is a very good

reliable company and cars last for years!!

but recently am not liking the Moves done by the Honda!


to start with the CRV , the CRV was very good looking earlier , but one

year back they got the face lifted version which looks like a Frog , i

personally dint like the looks of the new CRV at all! and moreover they

got the 2.0 litre petrol engine but unfortunately they dint slash the


next - the introduction of Civic E variant and

discontinuation of the S variant which sold very well , and soem

features which were present in the S varaint like Alloy wheels vanished

in the E variant and again the pricing remained the Same!

next -

the Accord  ,they call it the 8th Gen Accord , the 07 model Accord was

too good but they launched the 8th gen Accord in India probably around

last year end! i have to agree  that this model was there in other countries too , so they had to bring it here , but still styling has

been worse!

Next - the launch of Civic sport which wasnt very clever move even though they knew the launch of Corolla Altis!

Lastly the Upcomming New City , interiors are too

good like the present civic but again the styling has gone , i again

dint like the Front grills , it really sucks! but rest all seems to be


right now only the Civic's styling is too good fromt he Honda stable!

S many of these moves have made me to open a thread regarding this! please do  pour in your thoughts guys!!

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No i think Accord is much better in every terms than previous one..

CRV though previous one was also good and many still liked it, this one is not bad at all..

new City looks damn good man from every side (atleast in the pics dont know how it will be when it will launch here)..

ya they move prices upwards with every new model but they give you many thing extra but this should not be with City..

And regarding variants ya i think Civic E was bad move but i still think that Honda has something serious in their mind to counter Altis. Thats why this 'E' move and i also think that they will slash down the E prices in near future after they come up with good new variant with atleast considerable changes and some xtra features..

till now Honda has never gone wrong with their strategy and thats why its called most dynamic company and it will become No.1 company with limited portfolio coz its moving ahead in sales and other companies are coming down..

i still think that they launched E variant coz tehy might be planning to launch expensive variant than V and will put V in place of S

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I agree with mndvishnu, the previous CRV according to me had a far better road presence, for a machine in that range, i wouldnt go for cuteness than road presence and elegence if its a sedan......<performance is implied>.......regarding Civic E I totally agree, it left a lot to be desired especially for its pricing.

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Spot on Vishnu, I was thinking to come up with some such thing!

Even I don't like the CRV, its a girlie SUV( CRV lovers are going to fume).

New Accord has transformed into uncles car!

Right, Civic is the best option Honda is providing for now, New City needs to be seen in flesh 1st.

I'll contribute more in detail later, but must say you have captured 1st. slipping signs of Honda, very minute detail study indeed!

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CRV looks OK

Accord looks better than the one it replaced

Civic E...a Maruti-ish move (like Gypsy E & Omni E) its an Economy variant

Civic Sport: a half hearted effort, should have brought the Civic Type R

Civic Hybrid: At present just flaunt value (hope more hybrids come into the market) but still if I had to flaunt I'd go for a Fiat 500! (earlier when the Hyrid was launched I said that if I had to flaunt I'd buy it but back then the 500 was not launched!!)

City...there would be many disgruntled people but anyhow the new City looks better and should perform better as per the information we're getting!

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May be Honda is acting too futuristic in India. The probable reason for this may be using same platforms across models so that they r low on cost.


Accord new one is awesome. Just the taillamps are too small for the model.


CRV no comments. confusing design, so many turns, small engine, good for people who want a big car for there wives.


Civic, true enthusiast car that cant handle well as being too soft. So instead of S version and people buy base version and get loads of goodies aftermarket for the car to live up to its name.


City , takes time to grow on u. Infact Honda dealers themselves say 1st City wass the best model they had come up with.


Honda is such a respected name they should stick to basic versions and let people do R&D on models. Best it should provide tuning and beautification kits for its cars. This is cost saving and profit earning tip. Honda Management please read this smiley2.gif

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Good to read that there are people who cannot digest the looks of the new CRV like me. To me the old one was far better good looking.

But the new Accord to me looks much better and classier than the old one and Honda has priced it right.

The Civic is a great car but the new varients like the E and the so called "Sports" limited version which is all just cosmetic is making us look like fools.

The City is an ugly looking car and way too expensive for what it offers. Unfortunately we Indians are still buying it left, right and centre.

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