Swift Modification suggestions needed

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Hello everyone,

                     My name is Naveen. This is my 2nd posting. Thank you all for giving all those valuable suggestions for my earlier posting. Now i need more valuable suggestions for my 2nd posting.

                       I recently got a new Swift. Would like to upgrade its exterior. I plan to put alloys and upgrade its tyres. I went thru many alloy brands and found "LENSO" appealing. Then for the tyres, i found "YOKOHAMA" really mind blowing, specially the low profile ones.

                        Now i need some suggestions on which alloy brand should i head. Lenso??? Aura??? Plati??? i really liked the lenso 4 spoke white alloys (car is white). Then to what size should i upgrade my tyre to??? LOW PROFILE??? i want wider tyres.. What size and brand do u guys suggest??? Then is good to change the head lights to Xenon?????

                          Finally can somebody give me the best and cheap place to do this in BANGALORE??????

                            Looking forward to ur valuable suggestions.... Thanks a lot for goin thru my posting......  


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Well All company's are good , select a decent design and go for it .

Upsize depends upon u .  You can go for 15inches for safer option or may be 16 " and 17" if u want to show off .

And for tires , Yokohama is very nice for there price tag. For 15inches Yokohama S drive is very sporty tire , though it sounds lil more. Profile n width will depend once you select the size of alloy u want in car i.e 15",16",17"

Now for HID

There are many company's out there in market  ranging from Rs5000 to 12-14k

Bosch doesn't make HID , they r fake n chinese ones out there .

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There was an extensive discussion in at least two topics about updating lights. It was more or less agreed that if you want HIDs then go for a full lamp (housing,lens etc.) upgrade.

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Lenso for the alloys and Yokohama for the tyres are a good choice. I have Lenso's on my car, wanted to put Yokohama which was my first choice but could not get them I went in for Dunlops which are very grippy but noisy.

Do not go lower than 55 profile tyres otherwise you will be have to be very cautious over potholes or bumps as you can damage your wheels.

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