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Nissan GT-R-Is it the ultimate supercar?

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In a shock for tifosi's, the 911 turbo was as fast as the F430 ferrari

and was even more practical and costed just 3/4th of the 430. In an

even bigger turnaround, the GT-R is quicker than both these and costs

half as much as the 911 turbo. Around the Top Gear test track, its very

quick...have a look at these lap times


So is this the end of Feaarri's,lambo's and porsche's??? Why arent these exclusive supercars not faster than the GT-R??? Share your thoughts

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Nice figures Designer SF and quite a revelation but even though it is really really quick the GT-R cannot be the ultimate supercar. A supercar should have a lot of oomph and should be exotic looking which the GTR does not have.

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