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Hi friends!....i couldn't find any other thread so i started this new one...          so guys, actually i was working on my PC..then thought to design this ACi forum want ur views on it!smiley17.gif


Vibhor...smiley1.gif  arnageso2.jpg
vibhor2008-09-22 09:57:17

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smiley17.gifthanks archit!!...actually i like this bently pic!! was saved on my PC so just for fun i thought to make thisAci banner!..the writing style is only good of this existing ACi pic!! ..i know mine is too simple!..first i tried to write "GAS IT UP" using paintbrush (in paint)..but it was not looking nice!!(i have also modified Aci forum page using 'MS Frontpage'..with highway theme..n more..but its not so so nice..bcoz am not so good in using Frontpage!!smiley36.gifvibhor2008-09-22 11:49:36

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