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Yamaha FZ16 Thread.

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guys please please...please. tell me(make sure you are not claiming or estimating).

i have my friend in Honda RnD Gurgaon as an engineer..

and argues with me regarding the top speed of FZ..

so please tell me the Top Speed of Yamaha FZ that you have reached...

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My 500km review on my FZ

 kms when new-2.2kms (Oct31)

 kms now- 533kms(Nov11)

For the first 200kms i tried my best in not crossing 4000rpm in 5th gear..but after that i jus cant control the

bikes addictive engine n revved it upto does a cool 60kmph@4100rpm and super relaxed

70kmph@5000rpm in 5th gear (my friends 2months old Honda Unicorn does 70@5200rpm).FZ is very

stable at this speed..till now i did not rev more than 5000rpm in 5th college is 33kms away from

my home, so i maintain 70kmph for atleast 1minute every day in empty roads..engine is very

responsive...gearbox is slick , no false neutrals till now..handling is one of the best things in FZ..tight

corners,fast corners,with those fat tyres n grip, every corner looks n feels silly wen u r in FZ, u can easily

scrap yr foot on the road while doin some tight conering..disc brake has excellent feel and is much more

confidence inspiring than my  ApacheRTR's petal disc..(late braking in easier than in RTR)..both front and

back suspensions are good on bad roads, eats bumps much better than RTR..riding position is very pain ,no aches after my  1hour journey to college.. i had a chance to ride my FZ in pouring

rain, the front and rear mudguards are very small and hence my shoe was completely covered with mud

from the front tyre and the worst part is, the bag that i was carrying on my back was also covered with mud

from the rear tyre(the pillion rider wil get more mud on his back n the rider gets lesser mud)i did not face

this mud problem in my RTR..i got 36kmpl..i accelerate fast in every gear and often reach 65+kmph in

open i think if i do some slow acceleration and maintain less than 60kmph speeds, i wil get  40+

average...till now i did not face any problem with my FZ..all electricals r workin squeeks,no loose



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the FZ 16 is an excellent bike from yamaha

so far yam has not made much profit in india but now its time tat yam. go past all other leadin bike manufacturers in india

comin back to the topic the FZ16 has xcellent acc. and top speed

but the engine power(14bhp) is less compared to ones from bajaj(14.1 bhp)

and Hero Honda(14.4 bhp)

FZ16 has good acc. upto 90kph but after tat it does reach top speed of 120-130

but very slowly. acc. is gud only till 90kph

Hunk and CBZX have better acc. after 90kph wen compared to FZ16. though their top speeds are lesser than tat of FZ16.

but FZ16 is any day better than pulsar

and i would say equal to hunk and CBZX

Mostly yamaha might lose the copetition because of the high price..........................................................

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       man its so hard not to exceed 60 kmp , if u do that na am sure u too would get it around 45 to 48 for sure .....get to 5th gear as soon as possible ......and switch off the engine in traffic signals......maintain that speed atleast for the first 500 km ....

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