Shud i wait for FZ 16 r go with Pulsar 200?

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18 hp @ 78k

14 hp @ 75k



need i say more??

The 200 is a steal.

I would enjoy drooling at the 200 everyday rather than force myself to believe that the fz "absolutely rocks" n such imaginary stuff.

I mean,if ure okay with a headlight that looks hastily plastered or the tank that looks just toooo big or the overall look that soothes th people going thru midlife crisis or those who want to feel excessively macho(on a 150... Hehehehehawhawhehehe), then its ur call...

First there was hh hunk with those plastic muscles..That was somehow bearable,but this....

Well thats my opinion.Ill vouch for the 200 any day...

The work of a pure,practical and uber stylish designer.

(someone said that the 200 has "lost its identity" ... Reality check: the 200 is the finest example of gaining a new identity.)

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Hi I guess u have had enough advises on this, why don't you just let ur g.f. take the decision if you can't. makes sense right? anyway's she's the reason why u are looking for a bike, right?

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