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Great archit. You are lucky.

Today I saw a Porsche and was surprised to see Narain Karthikeyan in it. I was with my friend in his 800, as the traffic was freesmiley7.gif, he was fast and I was not able to take a close photograph of himsmiley6.gif. If the traffic was a bit more, i'd definitely taken close pics.

Sorry for posting thumbnail. I used Image shack only as mentioned in Forum Functions Explained(Must Read). Plz help me on how to post bigger image. Thanks in advance.

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yup!!!great work!!crazy cat!!but why you haven't posted them in imported cars thread which vtec guy started? just upload pic on imageshack then click on it!...otherwise if you still find it difficult you can PM them to me then ill try to post bigger one here!:-) smiley17.gifvibhor2008-11-01 16:43:59

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