Want a new car for my Parents Ind..Iive in America

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2Hi my name is Navdeep. This is my first post' date=' although I have read a lot of them....I have few question as I am living in america and I am not aware of the new cars coming to india. I want to buy a car for my Brother and parents back in India. So Please help me in this. These are my few Questions
1. Which are the new cars on roll with LPG or diesel or are coming shortly...I have a budget of 6 lakh.
2. When is the new Ikon diesel coming as I can't see it on the ford India website or its already on sale
3. When is fiat punto, accent diesel or LPG coming and how much price do we expect and if anyone knows the specifications..plz let know...any one have pics.
4. When I buy a car can I ask the dealer to replace the original tires....with alloys and tires bought from outside. also where I can look for the alloys.

Please do reply.....Thanks all in advance as I have learned a lot from reading other forms. Awsome work is going on here....Take Care Navdeep[/quote']


Well , You have Not Mentioned The Budget, so I will give you my suggestion in each braket:

4.0-5.5  Lacs : Swift , i-20 (Launching Soon)

5.5-8.0  Lacs : Swift Dzire , Sx4 

But If you have the Monies, go for the New CITY .


Think twice before going for Diesel as the Govt considering equalent price for Diesel and petrol for cars in some time. You will pay more for a Diesel Enginge but wont save on the 33 odd % savings on petrol as of now.


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            At 6 lacs, U need to compromise yourself in styling aspect at least...go for the Logan D with your eyes closed. Nothing else comes within 6 lacs with such high VFM..Or try your hands in the used cars...You can get a one or one n half year old Verna or Fiesta Diesel at 6 lacs... Get in touch with some of your trustable friends with good knowledge in cars if you go for used ones...If your are very sure in buying a brand new one, Logan is the Ultimate and most possible choice at your budget..

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