Pics of Modified cars in INDIA

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if this thread already exists make sure to Merge the thread!

this will be the thread to post pics of Modified Indian cars , all at one thread!

ecently have seen 2 Hott Lancers here , and they have been modified and its really loooks awesome ,


one Lancer is Painted Orange , it has got the Mistu Evos headlamps with

white HID or Bright lgiht, Got a good sport rear spoiler thats like in

sports car , mind you this spoiler doesnot look good with all the cars!

, then comes the spoiler , Side skirts  of course the alloys and

broader sports tyres , sunroof , and a small sqaue galls fitted to the

bonnet so that one can see the Engine form outside through the glass!

the other lancer is similiarly the same ! and its Green Color!


one civic , Bulish silver color , that bonnet is painted black!

unfortunately i dont have the snaps of any of these cars but will try

to manage to get some soon!

for the time being i found the same

CIVIC's pic on the Net which looks almost alike , like the one civic

modified here with Black paint , see the pic , but fog lamps of this

car in the pic is Kinda yellow , but the persons modified civic is

clear fog lmaps which looks better!


Sorry but this cars pic is not INDIAN , but i dont have the snap of that civic which was very similiar to this , until i try to snap one  , please kindly adjust!

at the same time do share a few pics of Modified Indian cars! in here!smiley1.gif


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Civic in the above pic. is an absolute stunner.

Mitsubishi Lancer is the most modified car in India & must say some egs. really look good.

Swift gullwing! nice try, but other color- white or red would have looked better.

Saw a lot of modified Swift's at last Auto show in Delhi.

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i guess the one shown at the TOP is Civic hybrid...

and its no modified car' date=',

its Honda Civic hybrid,as made by the company..smiley1.gif[/quote']

no way

this is the american-spec civic SI!!

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