Pics of Modified cars in INDIA

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I've got pics of a few moded bikes, thunderbird, A-star, FZ-16, Indica Vista, Safari Dicor, SRV... let me know if anyone wants me to post those pics... and also tell me where to post it....

I also have pics of many imported cars that i have spotted in mumbai... Lik porsche cayene, boxter, Merc S500, SLK 200,Nissan FairladyZ, Mclaren Formula1 car chasis, Nissan Skyline, Morris Minor, Chrysler 300D, some more vintage cars, etc....

But i don know where to post them...

Should i start a new topic of imported cars spotted in India??

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oh my god!!!

that is amzing!!!

but is it photoshopped??

Nops its not Photoshopped i got it from somewhere long time ago and saved it and today when i was browsing through my folders got it! well frankly speaking this is the Spark 2 Door which is International one and not the car of India , but anyways Spark is the same  , hence thought of posting it here and yeh it looks too good!!smiley17.gif


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