CBF stunner 2009

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Honda has unveiled the 2009 model CBF 125 cc which is exactly the

same as the Indian model CBF Stunner. The styling remains almost

exactly the same with few minor differences in detailing and the

absence of a kick start.


The engine is the same 125cc unit but it comes with Fuel Injection

to comply with tough Euro emission norms. The engine produces 11 bhp

and 11 nm of torque which is almost the same as the Indian model. The

CBF 125 will be available in three colors - Sports Red, Space Silver

Metallic and Black.

In the Indian context the technology and its application is already

there in the form of the European model. Honda just needs to launch the

bike in India ,which will happen when the new emission norms will come

into picture sometime next year

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tried out CBF few days back. looks good. one thing immediately apparent is how big is the front section. from the tank forward its huge. instrument cluster is very basic when you are targeting as a sports bike. no tachometer? Honda India should be informed the digital age has arrived long back in India we need LCD instrument cluster..

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Don't ever hear these sorts of things unless its from newspapers or magzines.

Well the styling suck according to my tastes and no tacho is the dummest thing .Also Honda hasn't priced it cheap .Fi won't come in 125cc segments untill the market is flooded with Fi in 150 or greater than it.

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WEll, i bought on its first launch in ma city, and it absolutely gives a pleasure on riding ... one thing in it is really adorable due to its suspensions, gives more comfort in Off-road Motocross type riding..! and sounds great..!

One of best bike i have observed..and im loving it to drive..!!

and also its speed is nice as compare to similar segment other bikes..! and very quick responsive gearbox even needs a sixth gear..!

only one problem is there..in this bike, the front mask is really delicate and have to prevent it from any side impact..!!

overall nice bike in India..

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