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Blind Belgian breaks speed record in borrowed Lamborghini

Posted Oct 12th 2008 9:20AM by Chris Tutor
Filed under: Supercars, Lamborghini


For most of us, once we're able to sweet talk our way into Lamborghini Gallardo, going 192 mph isn't that difficult. But Luc Costermans has at least one more major obstacle to overcome: he's been blind for four years.

Despite that, he managed to borrow an orange Gallardo for an attempt on the Blind Speed Record. Congratulations are in order for both Luc and the Gallardo's owner, as the record was broken and the Gallardo apparently wasn't. Luc set the Blind Speed Record at 192 mph, Saturday, at an airstrip in Istres, France.

"I'm very, very happy. It's a team effort," Luc said after the run. His co-pilot, Guillaume Roman, wasn't quoted in any of the stories we read, but we assume he breathed a deep sigh of relief. Seriously, who volunteers to ride shotgun with a blind driver in a Gallardo doing almost 200 mph?

Luc can't rest on his laurels. Previous record-holder Mike Newman is hoping to hit 200 mph in a
Keating TKR. Anyone got a Veyron Luc borrow? Anyone?

See video of the record-breaking run here. Be warned that it's not in English.

[source: BBC]

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I feel this is a foolhardy effort that could have gone horribly wrong. I really pity the co driver who was in the car; if it had crashed at that speed, he wouldn't even have been eligible for an insurance claim, whats say? The Lambo owner must have made an impulsive decision.

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Good effort. As of me, the credit should go to the Lambo owner for taking risk. The location is an Airstrip, so the chance of colliding with objects are less. But still he must be really appreciated for lending his car. Congrats to Luc too, it is difficult to drive without vision even in an airstrip it is difficult to drive.

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