Pics of Motocross race held in Surat

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Hi guys. Yesterday in my city Surat there was a Motocross even held at SVNIT (Sardar Vallabbhai National Institute of Technology), an engineering college for the first time in Surat while conducting an exhibition and competition called Auto Fest. Last year there was Stunt Biking, where all the boys who knew stunts came and did stunts on their bike but this time it was Motocross. I went there and took some snaps and hope you all like those.












More to follow soon...

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good  pics and good work BS ........... but soemhow i dont like this motorcross.


Regards' date='



Nither do I. It looks like it has only one jump/ramp. But look at the amount of people...

BS, do you know what bike they were using? Also did you take any videos of it?smiley1.gif

Zal D2008-10-13 09:34:48

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This looks like a very poorly arranged event! Only a couple of heaps of mud is all that can be seen. But good for Indian's as this is also a rarety here!

So, BS did you also try some stunts on your bike & where is your pic.?

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well thanks for the comment even i am not crazy after that but if something is happening in my city and that too for 1st time then it gets excited for me to experience it..i have always played this motocross on computers but never seen it in reality so just thought why not to check out and every year i do attend this auto fest which has some robots and all as my friend studies in this university but i decided not to go this time but when i came to know about this event i decided to go and also it was nearby my place and it was on sunday...

this was 5km racetrack and only for few minutes so no major arrangements were made but zal there were many ramps but in this motocross all the time same things only happen so i didnt bother to take pics from different angle as there was rush as university is big and majority of them are students only..the riders were from indore and baroda and some were from surat itself..1bike was unicorn and 1was pulsar and fiero and others were motocross bikes/dirt bikes..well after sometime it will be boring for many but its not that easy coz this require expertise and experience and is risky thing so i respect them for their work and there even some small guy..anyways mine pic is not there as i wasnt driving as i cant do these stunts and it needs lots of practice and some mods to our bikes     ...i have some more pics and videos also but will follow soon..    

anyways can somebody tell me how to post videos directly or else i will put the link directly..

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Ninja looks nice!and the orange cruiser!cool!by the way Bs which bike is it in the last pic? is normal as other jeeps!..wait a minute!yup!!!its LHD!!..and see the position of its exhaust!smiley1.gif..(bs hope this post is adding value to forum)

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some more pics...






Dont go by the size, its even more powerful than those Pulsar220's/karizma's...

in one word its Mini Superbike..


@Vibhor buddy, speak up clearly what are you trying to say with your last post...

And do you think those one liners and 'thanks and Welcomes' posted by members are valuable..
bluesapphire2008-10-14 08:22:44

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