Nissan to launch new small car...named 'March'!!!

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smiley1.gifHi friends!! Nissan will soon join the elite list of  manufacturers who make their global cars in India. As most of you know, Renault - Nissan is building a plant in Chennai at an investment of over Rs4000 crores. Of the 4 models that will be manufactured in Chennai, the next generation March is the most important one. Not just because, March is a global model but is a perfect small car as per the Indian norms. March will be just under 4 meters in length and would be powered by 1.2L petrol engine. Also in the cards for the new March is an ultra efficient 1.0 litre (HR10DE), 3 cylinder unit. The 3 cylinder will be coupled with xtronicCVT and return 30 km for a litre. While the 1 cylinder unit will compete with the likes of i10 and upcoming splash, the 1.2L unit will be pitted against skoda Fabia and upcoming Honda Jazz. smiley17.gif

Here are few pictures of new March.......


Nissan March 1989-



sketch of new Nissan March



New Nissan March Sport!






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Whether March or Micra, but this car is a looker is for sure. To me it looks like a sibling of Fiat 500 and thats not a bad thing. Looks good. A Durango Dude: The first pic is definitely not of A-star.

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Yes you guy's are right, the first pic is the Micra, I think, but the second is the A-Star based Nissan Pixo. The interiors is anybody's guess; Vibhor I think you can use the pic for you quiz thread of 'What car', before that I hope you get the answer. LOL.

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Friends, since I'm visiting after a short break, I'm seeing this thread only today. For me , the car looks very cute. Interior are also cute and the quality seems to be good. In general, Nissan should grow their dealer network first. If priced strategically and it comes to India, I'll get one for myself for sure. Really I love the looks very much

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