Is any new diesel hatch coming during diwali ????

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Congrats Murli and plz comment on the buying experience of the car. I've heard from many that they force you for Indica and Vista over Palio. Is this true from your experience.?

It is true to some extent the showroom guys have a certain reluctance in showing you around the Fiat as compared to indica but there is no forcing you thing involved in it they just try to project indica as a better car when compared to palio !!!!!!!

but we had already owned a tata indigo some time back so we knew tat tata  vehicles are not even come close to the fiat in terms of reliability and the interiors of tata don't feel like they'll last for long !!!!!!!

i like the fiat look better than the indica !!!!!!

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Congratulations Murli' date='  you have booked a good car.

Actually Palio had just fallen off the radar, so not many suggestions for it!

Fiat is offering some great deals on Palio at the moment, hope you were able to fetch a good deal for yourself.

Do post pics. & experiences once you get the delivery.


The cars been really good in city and on highway as well !!!!!!

 the car was able to get to 150kph but we didn't push the car after tat coz  we had to brake hard for a toll booth , car seemed to have some more left in it even at 150kph mark !!!!!!



The brakes used to make squeaking noises the first few days then the noises gone !!!!!!

The interiors are quite basic but give you most of the info you need , the trip meter is analog and even the odometer is analog , the build quality is pretty good as the plastics fit well (this the Wat is the problem with tata indigo the plastics don't fit tightly and if removed once for any kind of work inside the panels they don't go back into place like before, indigo which we owned had to be sold with the panel under the instrument console sticking out as if it was broken and we put a celotape and fixed it !!!!!!!  )and they look and feel like they'll last for a long time !!!


The turning radius is big compared to other hatches , the high speed stability is great !!!!!!!

Seats are really great front and back , there is a dead pedal which is good for long drives , the pedals them selves are quit small, so got some pedal covers fitted on them !!!!!!

Fiat dont offer remote central locking even as an option as they have some issue with it so they offer you only manual central locking and engine immobalizer !!!!! but i got autocop remote central locking fitted !!!!!!

The boot space  is quite good but i reduced it by putting that subs seen in the picture, the back seat does not split when folded for extra boot space !!!!


Mileage i some thing that i dont look at before the first service, but the award winning fiat multijet engine is great in city and on highway also , the pull from the 2000 to 3000RPM  is quite good if you put your foot down hard you will be pushed back into your seat in this rev range !!!!!

The engine even through noisey is really awesome and besides i like the noise of the engine to be heard to help me choose the best gear for hard driving conditions !!!!!


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i was reading this months edition of autocar India where there was an article stating that apollo tyres were launching a new brand of alloys named accelere  the pic on pg 19 of the alloys was really awesome !!!!!!!!

should i go for alloys only or go for really wide tyres that look really awesome !!!!!

ill have a look at the site thanks man vibor !!!!! 

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Welcome murli!!..yup!!your palio in white really looks very nice!!...but its multicoloured dash is not to everyones taste!...yeah! has very sporty chrome pedals i must say!!i also like your JBL audio setup!..overall car is very nice!!:-)

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Will you recommend your car to others?

Plz answer to this by considering your overall experience.

actually its a tough one to answer !!!!!

I love the brand FIAT and i like the palio's clean lines and minimalistic design and, the engine is award winning one so then, the interiors are old but well built and, space inside is good !!!!!!!

So all things considered , I will recommend this car to everyone who wants a diesel hatch in tat 4-5 lac range !!!!!!!

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Thank you all for your congrats !!!!!!

Today sent the car for first service !!!!

Still problems from the the showroom guys only one or two mechanics have been trained to work on the car so getting it tomorrow only !!!!!!

My innova only takes just half a day to be serviced and returned to me by Toyota !!!!!!!

This is why fiat is not doing well in India coz of bad service partner in tata motors, who still have to improve lots in terms of sales & service offered to fiat vehicles now only its so horrible with just one fiat model to sell think wat will happen when next year punto and linea are launched god save fiat !!!!!!!

Seriously fiat should consider their own showrooms atleast  in the metros for them to keep their customers happy or else they would have to shut shop here if they depend only on tata as of now !!!!

Tata's atleast should be ashamed of them selves for such bad service offered to fiat cars when their own cars are running on technology given to them by fiat (the new indica vista running on fiat sourced multijet diesel and safire petrol engines ) !!!!!

I think fiat is getting a raw deal in india by the tata motors !!!!!!

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In business terms it's selling engine to Tata and even to MSuzuki for Dzire...

It doesn't have any link between services...

I think Fiat is seriously considering their own showrooms and that's y they are delaying Punto..


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good choice murli...the front looks gorgeous especially in white ,the only thing which is big big big let down is many generation old looking interiors..though designing is not that good of interiors but it looks much better than in Beige,black with silver console...otherwise the overall car is good except ASS

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