15 Intresting facts about Nissan GT-R!!!

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smiley17.gifHi friends!!!The Nissan Skyline GTR is one of the most iconic sports cars ever made. Its combination of speed and maneuverability are legendary, thanks to its twin turbo, four wheel drive, four wheel steering setup. This car was nicknamed

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i wish my Getz engine was handmade too... somehow handmade and handpicked are becoming too catchy for any products advertisement!


good article buddy but the pics could have been smaller smiley2.gif

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THANKS harry and archit!!

@harry = yeah!sorry they are quite big pics!!


.....anyways guys check out these pics of NISSAN GT-R spotted in mumbai by an alert teambhpian!! posting them here instead to make another new thread for this......check out!.......







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Great information Vibhor. The GTR is one of my favourite cars though the new one looks too radical, the older Skylines looked much better like the one in TF&TF two. Its one mean machine

EDIT : There is one of the older ones in Madras too. The R32 I think.

5u3zEr02008-10-18 13:26:25

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