Transparent Rims!!!!

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@archit : thanks buddy!!

really it alll new advanced tec.!...i like it!.

.well they are just only for showed as a concept now it will take sometime to come into actual production!....smiley17.gif


vibhor2008-10-19 16:15:52

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Good work Vibhor buddy... As everyone is saying, These rims will be goood at shows only..If the rims comes with such a resistance to scratches and witha quality to suit daily driving, Sure its cost will be sky high. Its not more practical in countries like US. In India, I think there is no need to say about it.

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thanks crazycat!! is more info .... smiley17.gif


All the famous wheels from OZ, BBS (and millions more) and all thrive because of their designs and light weight. Think oh the amount of time we spend in choosing a rim for our car. Well, for all those, what we have here is possibly, the world

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