need help buying new car plz

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Hello ,

 I am a doctor residing in mumbai suburbs . need to buy a car plz .

my daily running is of 4-6 drives of 1.5 km each from my home to my clinic , in complete bumper to bumper city traffic . occasional 20/30 kms weekend drive in mumbai city only .

so guessed as much diesel are out . wouldnt mind a sedan or a hatch but price  approx 6 lacs , can strech a bit if really worth it . wont be selling the car soon .will be self driven all the time so ease of driving please . need spacious ( parents come along for weekend drive) , reliable car.

powerful ac is a must because car will be parked in the hot sun while i at clinic , so needs to cool fast as will b driving as i tld before 1.5 km each drive plz .

thought indica vista , but really scared about tata reliability ( all friends advisin agnst it)

i10 sounds good but dont really like the looks and not spacious enuf ( although the auto i10 sounds ideal for me ) and santro outdated by the i10 now


drove the swift but didnt find it comfortable enuf . footwell too cramped , my legs were itching aftr 10 mins drive and steerin too heavy i thought .(should i drive another and check again , drove a friends swift 2 yrs old i thnk )


thought new A Star but it has 3 cylinder engine so i dnt thnk AC will b powerful enuf .


u-va new one coming soon it seems , and dont really like its looks

ditto zen / wagon R , didnt like them


betw i10 , indica and swift , heart says indica and mind says swift 


did i miss out on any car ?


or plz help me choose any of above . or anythng else u thnk wld b ideal for me


kindly help , need to buy a car soon


thnx in avance


PS : Any tips on maintaining the car ? if drivin it for such short journeys ?

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Hello & welcome to the forum.

For your kid of usage & if you can wait for a while, I would suggest a forthcoming car from Hyundai - the i20. It will be spacious than i10 & would be well within your budget.

Otherwise, I think A-Stars AC should work fine, but it won't be as spacious.

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i think the ideal car for you is the getz. as i said in another thread too, here it meets your requirements well. i am a huge swift fan, but its not exactly a family car. hyundai reputation for excellent service and good resale values are standard.

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Hello supdoc and welcome to the forum!! smiley1.gif

..Well your mileage says that you need a petrol car!.. now, for the requirements you have mentiond above i would suggest you the i10 auto only!..its great city performer n as u said you drive mostly in heavy traffic n need a powerful i10 is much better otherwise if dont mind without A/T ....i would suggest the swift as it comes with Airbags ,ABS ,n most importantly cliate control which is one of ur requirement!...or if u can wait li'l more there is i20 coming which is worth wait option as speed said!smiley17.gif
vibhor2008-10-19 16:34:10

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hey good all means wait for the i20..its seems like the perfect answer for all your queries...

given that u need space without any compromises, u can rule out the swift,i10,a-star and every other car in that price bracket

the vista is spacious all rite but its a tata...reliability will be an issue and they still havent improved the fit and finish to match the others.

that leaves the u-va, getz and fabia..but i would strongly recommend that u wait for the fits nicely in ur budget and is expected to better all three in most departments...the cabin space is expected to be the same as the new jokes..

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Adding to the discussion above, Getz scores over Vista as far as front vision is concerned. I have tested Vista in heavy traffic and it is visibility was not good compared to the Getz, I am driving now. Getz is ultra comfortable car with good cabin dynamics and proven engine. However It's AC is not chiller like I-10 or Vista. It is the only concern in Getz. As said by Vibhor, go for I-10 auto if you can not wait for I-20 till Dec.

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