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Yeah, thats right. Its the JCB DieselMax, which attained a truly mind-boggling 563 kph. And more importantly, it mainly manufactures construction equipments and the development was completely in-house. This is really great stuff by the company..

My next question:

Who was the creator of the first petrol-electric hybrid vehicle?

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The answer is Ferdinand Porsche, the creator of the first in-wheel motors/hub motors as well, not to mention four-wheel drive..

He created the first hybrid, called the Lohner Porsche, way back in 1899! It had the front wheels powered by two electric motors placed in the wheel hub and the rear wheels driven by a gasoline engine. So, the first 4X4 car was a hybrid as well! But due to higher production costs, it was a failure in the industry. Ferdinand was working as an engineer in Jacob Lohner & Co., the company under which the hybrid car was produced. The company ended up making heavy vehicle trolleys and Ferdinand ended up founding Porsche. A weird ending to what might have been a scintillating story, had the model clicked with the public..

All right, anybody else want to ask a question?

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I see.. Guess i can ask another question now..

Which car manufacturer introduced the first diesel car in the passenger segment?

Diesel passenger cars have been around far longer than we know them to be.. Although they took more than half a century to have a strong foothold, they are now definitely arriving with a three-pronged attack..

Now why did i give out this mini-lecture, u think? There's a clue hiding in there, thats why..

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