2010 Toyota Prado renderings

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We have found this picture of the

Toyota Prado with a slightly altered nose giving it more aggressive

looks and some modified fenders. The Prado is facing some competition

in India from the Mitsubishi Montero and the BMW X3. Also competing

will be the all new Audi Q5 which is expected to come to India soon.

So, this is the ideal time for Toyota to increase its appeal by making

some changes that make it more aggressive. The speculated rendering

looks good but it still lacks that in-your-face look of the Q5. Also

adding to the woes is the 4.4l V8, the only engine available for the

Prado in India that returns a poor 4.5Km/litre (Autocar India test

report) and there are many more reasons to go for the diesel Q5 or the


The facelifted version will be available simultaneously with the international launch as this model is completely imported.

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This is a complete downer, what has happened to Toyota, their design department seems nonexistent! Maybe Toyota is scripting its own downfall, all its models be it Corolla, Camry , Innova & Prado are dull & boring, modern day designs are absent from its stable.

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yes speed u r right but toyota prado largely sells in america,oil rich middle tec but not in diesel crazy europe...when people in america can buy a hummer which averages 4 miles per gallon in front of it prado is quiet fuel effiecient....if this car starts selling in europe then it would get the diesel...but i agree with speed that suv has to have a diesel engine !!!

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@Bikophobic, hello & welcome to the forum, do get accustomed to forum rules & regulations before posting. Kindly avoid posting single liners without much quality.


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