Are BMW and Alpina same ???

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smiley1.gifHey friends!!...i've a question in my mind!...can anyone plz tell me are ALPINA ans BMW same or Alpina is owned by BMW or whats it is??..because both the alpina and BMW cars are same!smiley17.gifsmiley5.gif








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Well, archit, you are wrong here, but not by much.


Let me make it simple-


Mercedes Benz has an Inhouse tuning firm. That is  ///AMG

BMW has an inhouse tuning department. That is //M


Now Mercedes also has Brabus. Which is not an inhouse design firm but allowed to tune cars and still retain the Mercedes Logo.


Similarly, Alpina is allowed to tune BMWs and retain the BMW logo.


Also, It is not true that the Alpina tuned cars are faster than Stock BMWs. The Alpina Z4 was less powerfull than the Original BMW Z4.




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