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One of the major stars of the Frankfurt show was the stunning Lamborghini Reventon, truly a piece of automotive art:

To top up the awesome style, it features super-cool interiors, a tweaked version of the LP640s engine and just 20 examples willing to be distributed by the company. Sounds great?

Now think again.. while the LP640 coupe version costs 220,000 euros, the Reventon costs a riveting 1-million euros. Although it may be among the best looking cars, be totally exclusive and such, isnt this stretching things a bit too far? What do you think of this?

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probably the most progressive design there is in the world today

so what price art ?

depends on the artist they say

and this one is pretty much up there






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Yes, agree with afterburner, when there's that much money too be spent solely in the name of flashiness (and not actual performance, though it has 650bhp), I'd sooner put it down on a Reventon than a Veyron. Yes, 5 times as much as a 'regular' 'Lago for a few wierdly-shaped digital monitors, 10bhp and a body that doesn't even reflect radar... it doesn't seem worth it, but look at the thing! It's like StarScream from the Transformers film transformed halfway and then stopped coz he looked cool enough. Makes the Veyron look like a potato...


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