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Chevy Cruze: Put on the back burner.

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As General Motors burns through $1 billion in cash each month, the automaker's belt-tightening continues unabated, spanning the spectrum from lay-offs to shutting down the escalators at the RenCen. Naturally, its products aren't immune from the cash-strapped hatchet.

First came word that the CTS Coupe and Buick Lacrosse debuts have been delayed, and now BusinessWeek reports that the Cruze's launch has been put off by a year, now set to hit dealers in 2011. Additionally, the next generation Malibu won't be out until 2013

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GM has surprised us all amidst rumours that its hopeful Chevy Cruze compact car has been postponed - quite far from it in fact. The car has actually already been launched in South Korea as the Daewoo Lacetti





The Interiors look GREAT. Modern and Contemprary.




The Speedo too looks cool . Certainly not overdone.






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I remember reading that Chevrolet Cruze will be named Cruze only throughout the world. If it is named differently in Korea' date=' it is surprising. [/quote'] Yes!its named Lacetti in korea ...n it has already launched there!smiley1.gif

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