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Guys as the year is entering the last phase let us look back to decide the probable winner for Bike Of The Year:


My nominations in the order of preference are:

1.Yamaha FZ-16: Gives new dimension to 150cc segment in terms of look detailing and features.But outright performance is not brilliant.

2.Honda CBF Stunner : Gives the much needed big bike feel in the segment: but more on show than on performance.

3.Yamaha R-15 : set the benchmerk but grossly overpriced.  

4..TVS Flame: Good overall pckage but stunner is much better in feel good factor.


Post ur choice with comments guys.




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Yamaha FZ16 for sure!smiley20.gif

1. Great styling!!

2. Great power!!

3. Superb performance!!

4. Very nice handling!!

5. Comes from YAMAHA!!

6. Decent & powerful design!!

7. Fattest rear tyres & superb grip on road!!

etc, etc.,

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only 2..

Honda CBF Stunner,

Yamaha Fz16 ...

from this one will be winner if no new bikes are launched..also Suzuki Gs150R can be in nominations...

Yamaha R15 though awesome product will not make to year of the Bike, IMO
bluesapphire2008-11-07 08:52:30

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I think that R15 is going to win the Bike of the Year Award. It is the one and the only affordable sportsbike in our country today and this is the bike which has introduced the technologies like Deltabox Frame, soft compound tyre, liquid cooled engine, wind tunnel testing for better aerodynamics which no other manufacturer dared to offer. If you consider it as a 150cc bike then it sure sounds expensive. but if you consider it as a sports bike then it looks worth the price.

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FZ16 or R15. Both are really the best launches of the year. I believe that any of the two will be the Bike of the Year.

FZ with many feel-good factors, fattest rear tyre, awesome looks, smooth engine, excellent exhaust beat, excellent grip, gluey handling, amazing ride and so on...

R15 with new innovations like forged pistons, Diasil cylinder, Deltabox frame and offers good refinement, excellent handling, and the only proper sports bike which is affordable. But it looks like a toy bike and fits only short and slim bodied riders.

Personally my choice goes for FZ16, as it rocks.

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