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Audi VW as a brand

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Hi all,

I am looking to buy a car by March 2009 and have been doing some research.I am considering between the A4 2.0 Diesel 134bhp and C200 petrol 184bhp.

I have sat in both cars but not test driven them yet.

The interiors of the A4 are amazing.I felt a little disappointed with the interior leather quality of the Mercedes though.

Now my problem is that Audi is 3lakhs more expensive and the VW ownership does not help either as we all know that Skoda and VW have pretty crap build quality and customer satisfaction ratings. So does any of the sub par manufacturing parts and process find their way to the Audi brand or is Audi isolated from VW/Skoda?(PS: I know VW owns Lambo too)

Another downside to A4 is that next gen Skoda Laura ,Superb have similar interior button layout to it.

So what should I think of Audi's associatoin to VW?


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you are looking at two different types of cars...they may be from the same segment but ones a diesel and the other is a would first have to decide which one to go for...diesel or for the build quality of VW and skoda, am quite surprised by ur opinion as both these manufacturers are known for the benchmarks they set in build quality(in their respective segments)..

Audi and VW sometimes share the same platforms for their cars...but things like the switchgear, the interior plastics are in a different league altogether..besides audi is the best when it comes to build quality and interiors..

personally, i wudnt bother about button layouts being similar or not as long as i am getting a quality product...

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Well I don't really care if it's diesel or petrol.But even if we take the diesel C class which outs 170bhp,it is still a more powerful engine than A4.

If you check the JDpower reports then you will see how low VW/Skoda rank.

So Audi cars are not made or shared with VW cars right ?If that's so then I am bending towards the A4.

What sucks is that the new C has no auto folding mirrors.I was told by the dealer that these auto mirrors were omitted because whenever a biker would hit them the motor would blow off and the mirrors would need to be replaced at a cost of Rs 60,000.Also the C has limited electric control in front 2 seats.

This is so annoying.....

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