Official Your Car Pics Thread!!

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yup Archit and thats the thing i love about my car-Its Color..


Now some pics of my Honda City 1.3 DX...i just love this car and its comfort..




Its interiors..they are good but still plastics arent like modern day plastic, but designing of interiors still looks fresh to me..


Its Back Seat..i just love this place coz these seats are really comfortable and soft...


This car is more than 5 years old..we bought it in June,2003..

Will add more exterior pics..

Some pics may be of not so good quality..

bluesapphire2009-01-13 10:17:38

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Well thanks TV, Siddhant, Archit and Subzero..Yes my spark is well maintained but then its only sept,2007 model ....

And yes Archit those seats are pampering and the cars drives so well i must say...

And Siddhant your Aveo looks good and to me it has best interiors in its class and even above..By the way your profile says that you are from Dehradhun, but your car seems from Halol, Gujarat, where GM makes its cars..

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@Bluesaphire, very nice li'l green color chevy!Spark looks really cute!


@Siddhant, Yup!Very nice aveo siddhant!Its one of my fav., Its really a good car but chevy has kept its price quite high for top end model thats why its not selling in good nos, otherwise its very nice!and i just love its interiors,they are best in class!

BTw, how old is it?Its looking almost new.


@Hummer:great wagonR buddy!..n yeah plz post some of its interior pics as vijay said.:-)



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thanks guyssmiley1.gif

@vibhor-yeah its quite an understated car in the market i think so!these pics were taken a month after the car came.(though still the car looks as good as new!)

@BS-yeah i liv in ddun and the registration no.(which was temporary) is of halol because my car came directly from there(my uncle is the VP-sales and marketing in GM india so i baught through him) and i love the sparkling cutie!!

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on public demand some more pics of the interiors of my black beast (read: WagonR)smiley17.gif

the front seat



the rear seat



the gear lever



the dash is simple with factory fitted Kenwood Cassette player.Dad's car and he doesnt even use the no audio equipment here.


oops.. where did my leg come there from smiley17.gif


the speedo





the seat i admire



the steering




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