Official Your Car Pics Thread!!

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yeah the wagonR is very narrow and good for seating only 4 in comfort, although five can be accomadated like in an autorikshaw.smiley36.gif

i've not seen the interiors of newer wagonR so cant comment, but as the dimensions are still narrow, it is bound to be having same problems.

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so friemds, posting few pics of my car..

its side view


front seats, very comfy

rear seats have plenty of space to get in and out with my driving seat fully back, my parents loved this comfort which we didnt got in any other car.:-)

few dirt spots are of my kid"s painting classes and few dinner sessions on rear smiley36.gif so waiting to get them spoil completely and then change them...CHEERS!!!


thackervijay2009-01-31 05:21:03

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Swift VXI 2007.

19500 km and going strong.

Fortunately No rattling sound, and Not any other problem so far.

mileage : Overall average 16kmpl

Travelled all terrain across maharashtra, Madhya pradesh.


Changed Stock headlamp with Philips crystal vision and Put  a Roots windtone horn

& Autographyx for a sporty look



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wow cool pics BS' date=' no wonder the honda city dx of the best in comfort of its lot mate. what abt your seat covers in spark r they or stock ??

[/quote'] Sorry for the late reply buddy, and yes the covers in my Spark are stock one only...they are really good and i think they are only in LT model..Other variants have different type of seat fabric..

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@ Bhalchandra: Good looking Swift. Nice running <19500 kms> too considering it's only a 2007 model. My Elantra is more than 3 year's old and has done only 14,000 To make your pic's come clearly, upload it to an on line album and make it public, eg, Picasa and then copy and paste, that's all it require's no complicated going to Imageshack etc.

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