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A Mercedes F1 team?

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It is tempting to think that Force India has become a McLaren B team. Their operations director has become Force India's COO and Pedro De La Rosa (McLaren's test driver) is driving VJM-01 for two days of the three day test at Barcelona. Ferrari can't be too happy about that as the car that De La Rosa is driving has a Ferrari engine.

But looking way down the line, I think this new 'partnership' with McLaren and Mercedes could be a way for Merc to have an F1 team of their own. They currently have a 40% stake in McLaren but Ron Dennis and his friends in the Middle East own the rest.

Watching BMW win as a constructor in Canada and finish third in the constructors championship must have been hard for Mercdes. Paying off Mallya and getting their hands on Force India's facilities at Silverstone would be a perfect way for them to rectify the situation. The last time Mercedes competed as a constructor was way back in 1955 when they won pretty much everything in sight with Fangio at the wheel.

This may be unlikely right now given the economic climate but not all that unlikely sometime in the future. There are talented young German drivers out there making their way up junior Formulae. Nico Hulkenberg, for example. The thought of a German driver spearheading a Mercedes F1 team must have occured to at least one of their board members.

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